Great songs never get old. 10 #TBT jams to make you smile!


Since Thursday is throwback Thursday I have decided that every week I will be sharing some of my old favourite Jams. Here are 10 . Enjoy.

Esir. Picture from
Esir. Picture from

1. Esir Moss Moss. He was one of my favourite musicians/rappers. His life was cut short too soon but his music lives on.

2.Nameless and Esir – Maisha. From the days of Megarider Nameless has been one of my favourite musicians. He teams up with Esir for a great song. I loved the music they did together.

3. Harry Kimani’s Haiya. He came out of nowhere with this beautiful song then disappeared again.

4. East African Bashment Crew – Bebe Cool, Nazizi and Wyre (Necessary Noize) – Fire. Individually and collectively I love these 3 musicians. I love the song and the way you raise your hand when singing this song.

5. TMK Wanaume family – Dar mpaka moro. I loved how those boys danced in this song. Sema swagger!


6. Darling P – four in one. This remains one of the funniest songs I have ever heard. It has cemented itself in my heart just because it is funny.

7. Flexx featuring Sanaipei -Number yako. I love this song and this guy was too funny. He should come back.

8. Longomba’s Vuta pumz. How many times did me and my friends dance to this song in the club? I love that it has a message yet is still so danceable.

9. Juma Nature – Hakuna Kulala. This song needs no explanation. Hakuna Kulala

10. Eric Wainaina’s Dunia ina mambo. I love Eric Wainana’s music, all of it. So many choices to make. So for this week let me choose this one.

Bonus track.

Patoh Njuguna – Disco featuring Eric Wainana and Frasha
I don’t know if you have listened to Disco by Patoh Njuguna’s featuring Eric Wainana and Frasha. It is new but I have a feeling I will be listening to it 10 years from now because it is one of my favourite new songs.

What are you favourite East African Throw Back Thursday songs? Let me know and I will include some in my list next week.

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