Condom brand “Moods” now in Kenya


According to statistics from PSI Kenya there is a gap in the market between what is available in the market and what is needed. It seems that although there are 360 million condoms needed for the worldwide market there are only 190 million condoms. This presents a business opportunity for private companies to make some money but it seems that this is not so.

Kenya seems to be doing well as a market as there is a new condom brand that has come to Kenya. Moods are a premium flagship brand of HLL Lifecare Limited and comprise variants such as 1500 Dots, Allnight and Absolute Xtasy among others is now in Kenya. The company is one of the world’s largest condom manufactures with a facility that has the capacity to produce over 1.3 billion condoms annually.

Last week at Masaku 7’s Moods premium condoms had activation where they were telling people about their condoms. Moods are a brand that seeks to connect with the youth. Moods condoms are presently available in more than 20 variants across the world with presence in Canada, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, South America and the Caribbean Islands.


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