Flame Tree Restaurant at Sarova Panafric launches new menu


Limuru Pork chops Sarova

Last Thursday some eager food enthusiasts gathered together at the Sarova Panafric Hotel. The stark bright light from the hotel entrance welcomes us into the beautiful Flame Tree hotel. The inside décor and the spotlights trained in the middle of the Flame Tree Restaurant add a touch of glamour to the atmosphere.

The Sarova Panafric Hotel has a passion driven team of chefs. They did a survey and decided to come up with a more vibrant menu for all type of people to enjoy. The Sarova hotels are passionate about food and beverage which is a valuable aspect of their guest experience.

While we were enjoying mouth-watering delicacies, old time favorite, Pressmen Band entertained us with their songs of the 80s and 90s. I take this interlude to talk to Chef Avraj Marwa. He explains how the hotel is privileged to come up with a new menu which embodies smart eclectic cuisine, lighter cooking techniques aimed at retaining nutrients. It includes; edible flowers, fresh herbs and vegetables. He adds that with such delicacies, creative ways were adopted to ensure that the meals remain top notch. The new cuisine will be a first in Kenya. It will have Fromagerie and molecular sous vide cooking, which features meals being cooked under certain temperatures, in order to ensure that they maintain their natural flavors and no nutrients are lost.

The new cuisine was also considerate of lifestyle choice due to diseases people may have. On the menu you can see Gluten free meals and sugar free meals.

The meals start at a price range of 400-700 Kenyan Shillings for starters, the main course starts at around Ksh.1300 and the mouth-watering desserts range from Ksh. 600-800.

Assorted Cup cakes sarova 1
Delicious Desserts – Assorted Cupcakes
Avocado Tiger prawn Cocktail sarova
Avocado Tiger prawn Cocktail

The ingredients for this menu are locally produced food. The menu has traditional dishes and Western with a touch of African influence.

Bacon and Cheese steak Burger Sarova
Bacon and Cheese Steak Burger
Murg Tikia Masala sarova
Murg Tikia Masala
Pan Seared Red Snapper sarova
Pan Seared Red Snapper
Seafood Biryani Sarova
Seafood Biryani
Tangri Kebab Sarova
Tangri Kebab
White Chocolate Cheesecake with Berry Coulie sarova
White Chocolate Cheesecake with Berry Coulie
White Sacher Tort sarova
White Sacher Tort

All the photos are courtesy of The Sarova Panafric.


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