#AchieveMore car winners celebrate as promotion comes to an end

The first winner in the achieve more campaign
The first winner in the achieve more campaign
The first winner in the achieve more campaign

Microsoft Lumia has been rewarding consumers for buying Lumia phones for the last 2 months in the achieve more campaign. For any consumer who bought a Lumia they had a chance to win phones and any of the grand prizes which was 5 beautiful luxurious Chevrolet Cruze saloon cars. Today the lucky winners of the 5 cars were treated to a grand finale party to celebrate their win and

The winners drove off in the 5 Chevrolet Cruze saloon cars, all valued at KES 17 Million. The achieve more campaign sought to encourage productivity among users by using Microsoft services. The idea was to show that you can use your Lumia to both work and have fun thereby achieving a work life balance.

Some of the winners like Kennedy Ngige who is a truck driver in Kitale thought it was a hoax at first and thought it was one of those scams where people call you to tell you that you have won and then ask for money. He had to go to the shop where he bought the phone to confirm it was true.

“I thought it was a hoax. I doubted the authenticity of the phone call and actually thought it was an attempt to defraud me. I had to go to the shop to verify before I could believe it,” said Ngige.

Microsoft Mobile Devices General Manager Mariam Abdullahi said that she hoped the win would inspire other people to achieve more with Lumia. The phones are a great way to increase productivity as you can work from anywhere with the Microsoft software installed in the device.

“We shall continue with our commitment to combine the right hardware, software, services and apps with the right price to give people smartphones they can afford and be proud to use. Our vision is to ensure that as many consumers as possible can enjoy signature Microsoft experiences and achieve more in their lives,” Ms. Abdullahi said.

Cornelius Kiprop, winner of the first car got the call that he had won while he was in Paris and at first he was doubtful as well. “I saw a Lumia billboard in Nairobi and immediately participated in the competition after purchasing a Lumia 640. The device has increased my productivity greatly as I can access my documents from anywhere using OneDrive and I’m thankful to Microsoft for the car”.

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