Atemi’s Bebi Bebi is a beautiful love song

Atemi Oyungu. Photo from

Atemi’s new song Bebi Bebi is out. It’s a song about falling in love. Have you ever met somebody and instantly fallen in love or in a crush or lust? The feeling of being in love and feeling like your heart will burst with love. That is what this song is about. It makes you smile and think of that person you love or loved that made you giddy. Love is a beautiful feeling when you listen to this song.

Atemi Oyungu. Photo from //
Atemi Oyungu. Photo from

I don’t know about you but I am one of those people not just in love with Atemi’s music but her smile. It’s a beautiful smile and she uses it well to bring out the love she is feeling in the video. And was Atemi blushing towards the end? Lovely video.

Bebi Bebi is the second single off the 3rd album of Kenya’s Afro Soul sensation Atemi! This is a love song for the heart that will leave you feeling happy and uplifted! Produced by Rkay Kamanzi and written by Atemi Oyungu.

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