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Hope you all had a great week. It’s Thursday and Thursday is throw back Thursday. Here are some throw back songs to take you back. These songs all have memories, some of them from my childhood. I hope you enjoy starting with videos from my 2 favourite “boy” bands.

1. Sauti Sol Lazizi. From the first time I listened to their music I was a fan. Years later I can listen to their music anytime. This is the video that made them famous.

2. Just A Band Ha – He. My love for Just A Band is on another level. This song portraying the character of Makmende holds a special place in my heart because we grew up talking about our superhero Makmende. They made him come to life. This song also contains a line I love “tuko works muzeya” which I use all the time.

3. Gidi Gidi Maji Maji – Atoti.

This song was an anthem back in the day and it was the Impala Rugby song. I can’t remember how many times we danced to this song. Classic song.

4. Sema -Leta Wimbo.

This group was formed by the winners of the Kenya Coca Cola competition but it didn’t last. This was their first single

5. Pam Waithaka – Dhahabu.

Pam was part of the SEMA group above and after they broke up she released a couple of tracks including this one which was my favourite.

6. Wazee Wetu – Sudu.

This gospel song was a very fascinating song made famous by the shady dancing styles.

7. Gidi Gidi Maji Maji – Many Faces.

This is a beautiful song. I came across it when looking for Atoti and I decided not to save it for later.

8. MAROON COMANDOS – Amka Kumekucha.

If you grew up in the 80s you will know this song from KBC formerly VOK. This was a motivation song for us to work hard.

9. Dan Aceda -Bwana Nipe pesa cover

This song was originally done by Super Mazembe but unfortunately the video cannot be copied. You can find the original here. The song (original) is just fantastic.

10. Bunny Mack – My Sweety My Sugar (Let Me Love You).

This is also old and reminds me of my childhood. It’s a sweet song.

Bonus track.

Mr. Nice – Fagilia.

This song was a hit I cant remember why. The lyrics maybe or just …. Sometimes you cant explain why a song was a hit. It even inspired a dance.

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