10 throwback tracks to make you dance #TBT


It’s Thursday again and its Throwback Thursday #TBT. It’s time for the Throw Back Tracks #TBT. Enjoy.

atemi 4

1. Riziki- Awillo Mike and Ja’mnazi Band. There is a time when you couldn’t enter a mat without hearing this song or the club.


2. Otieno Aloka – Kanungo Eteko. This song makes me dance even in my seat. This song is on another level.

3. Jamnazi – I Am Not Sober. This Guinness song was a hit and after listening to it you can tell why. Popular with people who love to party and drink it up.

4.Wahu – Sweet Love. I think this was one of her better songs. And it was so sweet.

5. Atemi – Speechless. Atemi’s music you can listen to for hours. She has a gift. You can listen to her new song too Bebi Bebi.

ian wainaina

6. N.I.X – Sura ya Malaika. This was just a mushy mushy song and popular too.

7. DNA – Banjuka. Banjuka was just a fun song to listen and dance to. And the subtle way the guy was ingisharing the chick into the box (aliekwa box) was just interesting.

8. Necessary Noize – Bless My Room by Necessary Noize. Look how far they have come. We still ask the Lord to bless our rooms in the Morning.

9. Ringtone & SKBlue – Pamela. You probably know a Pamela. Or maybe you were once one or still are. Remember God still loves you.

10. Gospel Fathers – Fundi wa Mbao. This is one of my all time favourite Kenyan Christian songs. Deep.

Bonus track Atemi – Happy. This is my favourite Atemi song but there is no video. But you can hear a sample of it here in this audio track.

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