The eBook versus Paperback debate: whatever rocks your boat


eBook vs Buch, e-Reader aus einem Bücherregal ziehen
This debate has seemly being going on for ages. The battle between good and evil, apparently, waiting to see who will come out triumphant. Though, the question is which is good and which is evil?
Some have said that the rise of the eBook will soon turn actual books into ancient history, and others have said that eBooks are just a passing fad that will soon be outwitted by its paperback counterpart. The truth is both of them have their pros and cons. Like almost every other item to be compared in this world EBooks and Real books both have their enticing features and their draw backs.



• The fact that eBooks are less expensive than a normal book is probably one of the biggest reasons for its increase in market value over the past few years.

• It is accessible. You can literally find an eBook on Amazon by your favorite author which you haven’t even seen in local bookshops yet.

• You don’t have to worry about constantly taking care of it. Because it is on software, there are no issues like lending it to your friend who brings it back creased and torn.

• It can be efficient. You don’t look weird holding a kindle or an iPad in your hand wherever you go as their functions are multipurpose, you can go online and do other things with the same device that lets you read you novel, or book of any kind.

• You can keep as many as you want without taking up space. Actual books are tangible objects that fill up space which can be complicated if you don’t have a library.

• The smell. This may be the weirdest aspect but I absolutely adore the smell of books. I don’t know if it is the print or paper or both, but there is nothing else in the world that smells like it.

• The tangibility. There is something about flipping pages with your finger, even grazing your thumb with your tongue before you flip to the next page. It’s tangible, making it mentally feel more real.

• You don’t need power. If electricity went the whole day it would not affect how you read a book, or when you are travelling and your laptop’s power is limited, you can read a book without limits.

• It is a unique adventure. Reading actual books changes the scenery. If you work on your laptop constantly, or watch T.V regularly, it is definitely a breath of fresh air to not have to look at a screen anymore to dig into your next fictional adventure.

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