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For as long as we can remember, poetry has been a part of our learning of language, with books covering every genre of poetry. Now people with a common love for poetry come together to recite a poem or simply to enjoy the beauty and prose of another person’s work. Poetry lovers across the world use Twitter as a platform to share favourite lines from old and new poems.


The beauty of Twitter is the short and sweet aspect and this allows poets to share snippets of their poems as they direct those who follow them to their blogs where they can read the poems in full. An interesting hashtag to follow to get updates of poets across the world is #TwitterPoetryClub . This hashtag will allow you to get your work out there and allow you to also read work from other poets will inspire you as you read new literature daily.

In Kenya, poetry is vibrant and finds expression through spoken word events. A number of these are held every month to address diverse themes in Kenyan society.

Below are some accounts to follow on Twitter for all things poetry in our country, his is not a comprehensive list as there are many talented poets out there :

@PoetryHubKenya is the Kenyan poets lounge and is seen as the one stop place for all Kenyan poetry and poets. The main aim of Kenya poets lounge is to create awareness of poetry, art, literature as well as encourage its appreciation in Kenya.

slam africa

@kenyanpoet is a Kenyan poet and runs a blog that includes all things poetry. She shares her great talent via her blog and snippets of her works on Twitter.


@poetteardrops brings a new twist to poetry by crafting his poems in Swanglish (Swahili and English) a language that is widely spoken in Nairobi. He has brought a unique feel to poetry with the clever use of words.

poet teardrops@fatumasvoice is an interactive forum that expresses hope through art poetry & music, building an Africa that can speak for herself.

fatuma's voice@kwanitrust are a publisher of the literary journal Kwani that is dedicated to developing quality creative writing and committed to the growth of the creative industry through the publishing and distribution of contemporary African writing, offering training opportunities, producing literary events and establishing and maintaining global literary networks.


@wanjikumwaurah who is a renowned poet and author of successful book “The flow of my soul” is a force to reckon with in literary arts and was also wore a different cap as among the panel judges during Slam Africa competitions.

wanjiku mwaurahArticle courtesy of Twitter.

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