10 #TBT songs to keep you warm this cold day


It’s a very cold Thursday and it’s time for some more throwback tracks. Enjoy.

1. The Villagers band – Kenchic. When you have a girl with Mercedes expectations and she can’t even afford to pay her own taxi.

coming home 3

2. Sauti Sol – Coming Home. This song I love love love. The music and the video are on point. My only question is where is the continuation? Haki yetu.

3. E-Sir – Kamata. Another of E-sir’s tracks that we used to dance to back in the day.

4. Nikki featuring Collo – Hii Ngoma. What can I say about Nikki?

5. Big Pin featuring Nameless – Beteba. Where did Big Pin go to? He had a couple of great tracks then he disappeared.


6. STL featuring Michelle – Taking it back. Great combination on this track.

7. Zanto featuring Pingu. Binti Kiziwi. This song evoked all kinds of emotion.

8. TID – Zeze. This was a hit back in the day.

9. Yunasi – Usilewe. Yunasi are not so well known but they have some great music.

10. Ray C – Umenikataa. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Bonus track

Big Pin featuring Sanaipei – You.

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