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Two days ago I had the pleasure of going out with my five year old little brother to see a movie that he had excitedly been talking about for the last few weeks. My niece had come to visit us a few weeks back with minion toys. After that the Minion craze hit my brother full force and the name was ever on his lips, so I finally indulged him in a day out.

I always like a good animation as well so I was also excited for it. Basically if you have watched despicable me, (another great animation with many surprising lessons) you will understand the craze and the way the whole world seemed to fall in love with the cute midget sized little creatures. That is probably the reason they dedicated a whole movie to them.

The movie starts off with the telling of how the Minions existed iotas before humans roamed on the earth, always looking for the most despicable, evil villain, master to serve. From the largest dinosaur, to the caveman, and so on and. Because of their clumsy mistakes however, most of their masters ended up getting destroyed in hilariously accidental ways.

The Minions finally went into hiding amongst hidden caves in the snow. They were safe and happy for a time enjoying their new found solitude to build a civilization, but that didn’t last as they soon realized without a master to serve they lost their purpose in life. They became dull and lifeless, not knowing what to do with themselves.

Finally one brave little minion, named Kevin stepped up to the plate and told his clan that he was going out into the world to look for an evil master to serve and he would not be back until he had found one. The journey would be long and treacherous so he couldn’t do it by himself. In a funny set of circumstances to other Minions ended up being the ones selected to go with him, these were Stuart and Bob.

Along the way they find out that there is an evil super villain convention every year in Florida, so they hike a lift with a family of bank robbers and head to the convention where the determine to work for the most evil super villain, which ends up being Scarlet Overkill.

Things I liked about this Movie
• Sandra Bullock is one of my favorite actresses of all time so I was excited that she did the voice over for Scarlet Overkill, and she did it well, obviously.
• The minions are adorable, though to be honest I kind of think OH from the animation Home was a little cuter in his antics.
• The characters are on point. They made Queen Elizabeth a kick ass royal lady who didn’t fail to have a sense of humor.
• There are lessons to be learned for kids, such as no matter how small you are you can do big things, and team work.
• I could not predict the plot. It is rare to find an animation where you can’t tell through pure logic effortlessly how the story is going to go, but this one actually had me waiting and expecting to see what would happen next.

Things that were not the Best
• To be honest, I personally think this movie was over-hyped. I am not saying it was a bad movie, it was actually a good movie but it was not all that.
• Sometimes with my younger brother I noticed he didn’t exactly always follow what was going on because the minions spoke gibberish.
• There was nothing that necessarily stood out.

From the Movie

My favorite quotes “Doesn’t it feel so good to be bad?” –I like the word pun

My favorite word and item “Banana”

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