Dressing: Business Casual vs Smart Casual (Infographic)

Dressing infographic. Image from http://www.mannixmarketing.com/blog/dress-codes/

About a decade ago it was easy to know what to wear to any occasion. If you were going to a wedding you couldn’t wear jeans. You had to wear your Sunday best to a wedding. But now the rules are changing people are even getting married in jeans and sneakers. In the business world to look professional you had to wear suits and formal dresses in order to look professional (apart from the creative industry). But things have changed with time and now there is a concept called smart casual.

People however do take the concept of smart casual too far. Dressing down when you should be dressing up. So how do you know when you should dress up or dress down for different occasions? Well we have discussed 18 Wardrobe Essentials For Women which includes the little black dress, suits, fitted jackets, and silk blouses which can be mixed and matched for  formal and informal outfits.

There is nothing as fascinating as a man dressed well for an occasion. The key to dressing is to know the essentials and understanding what kind of dressing an occasion calls for. It is not about how much an item of clothing or accessory costs, as much as how a man wears them and accessories the look to give it an edge. 23 items every man should have in his wardrobe include dark suits, Blazers, white button up shirts, khaki pants, and a leather jacket.

Below is a cheat sheet of how to dress up for different occasions. Check out the informative infographic from Mannix Marketing.

Dressing infographic. Image from http://www.mannixmarketing.com/blog/dress-codes/
Dressing infographic. Image from http://www.mannixmarketing.com/blog/dress-codes/
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