Financial Discussions Couples Should Have Before They Get Married


About half of all marriages fail in the United States. The stats may be favourable in most third world countries like Kenya but we have had an increase in divorce cases in the recent past. These days, marriage is hard work and money tops the list of the reasons why people go separate ways. By money, it is not just the lack of it that causes tension in families, but even the rich are divorcing because of money.

The reason why money is a major reason why people get divorced is that men and women view money differently. In the old days, the men would go hunting and someone would try and get the biggest animal. The women would look at it as a form of security while the men would look at it as a form of power and status. The situation is the same as money in the present. Most women tend to view money as a form of security while men will look at it as a form of power and status.

Having established that men and women view money differently – in the same way that women need their toilet seats down, while men do not have a clue why the seat being down or up is of any importance – it is important for couples to discuss financial issues before they get married. This will help in coming to a middle point and avoid unnecessary tensions over the use (or misuse) of money. Here are some of the things couples should discuss.


People learn about money in the environment they are brought up, the experiences they have been through and what they have seen those around them go through. In this regard, different people will have different views on money. A certain pastor told me that he ensures that his children tithe every shilling he gives them. He made them start at an early age, so now it is not a problem. These kids will grow up with that philosophy. Different parents will influence their children differently with regards to finances. It is important for couples who want to get married to discuss their philosophies towards money. Everyone has a philosophy; most people are just unaware of it. At the time of discussion, someone will realize how different their views on money are from those of their partner.

Financial Priorities

Even though merging two incomes is good, it still means the two of you will not afford everything. There are some needs and wants that are more equal than others. Unfortunately, what may be important for one person may not be important for another. Most men do not budget for hair cuts. Most women, on the other hand, need to set up some money for the salon. Long term financial goals are also different between different people. It is important for both parties to come up with a list of their financial goals and merge the goals, discussing which ones would get priorities over the others. Finances: Investing As A Couple


It always makes financial sense to save for a rainy day. However, different people have different views on savings. Most importantly, how much or specifically, what percentage of the income needs to be saved? How is the money to be saved? Will it be put in a bank account or in a SACCO or in an easily liquidated security? Since the savings are for a rainy day, the parameter, ‘rainy day’ should be defined. What exactly constitutes a ‘rainy day?’ What rules need to apply to the withdrawing and use of the savings and so on. Relationships: To joint account or not to joint account that is the question?


Couples need to discuss any debt they may have before they get married. Getting married means the debt(s) may have to be shared and as such, it is imperative no one attempts to hide any debt. Once the discussion of debt has occurred, the couples also need to discuss how they will pay the debt or what plans are in place. Is it a loan that is paid in a salary cut-off system? Is it a SACCO loan that you are paying and how much is the monthly outlay on the debt? Finances: How You Deal With Debt Can Make You Or Break You! What Are Your Debt Habits?

Retirement Plans

At some point, the couple will retire. Couples need to think of where and when they will retire. They also need to know how much they want to have saved by the time they retire. Since every financial decision they make will influence the retirement package they will get, they will have to set up clear goals on saving for retirement and generally avoid buying on impulse. Every decision will be made with the end goal in mind. Finances: Essential Retirement Moves To Make In Your 20’s And 30’s


It is difficult to ask anyone about their income, but if you are planning to spend the rest of your life with them, it may be important for you to know or at least have an idea. Before getting married, talk to your future spouse about your assets and liabilities. Your current income and any probable future incomes. Find out if your combined income will be able to support your new family and what adjustments need to be made.

Agree on who is responsible for what

Once you know your joint income, it will be easy to be clear on who sorts what bill. This is generally an understanding between the couple. Who will be paying rent? Who will be paying for the house shopping etc? In some instances, it is one person who will be paying for all the bills because of one reason or another (it is him/her who is working etc). It does not matter, as long as the two are in agreement. Even if one person handles the bills does not mean the other should be in the dark. Always ensure you are on the same page. You also need to discuss if you will be having a joint account and who will be the chief financial officer of the family.

There is much more to discuss about finances before couples get married. What is important is to have a discussion before getting married, and a lot of problems will be solved since the couples put guidelines on how to handle sensitive money issues.

Finances 101: How To Create A Budget And Different Budgeting Methods You Can Use and 5 Signs You Are Experiencing Financial Abuse In Your Relationship.  Also check out Finances: 7 Budgeting Tips For Newlyweds

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  1. This is a valuable topic of discussion and I reckon that it is important for all to be in a position where they can comfortable talk about their vision and mission for the future. I however each couple to come up with a joint vision/dream for the marriage at the beginning, this then sets a foundation for other discussions like financial priorities, philosophy and savings. Take for example a couple that is more into investments and a couple that is into church missions their priorities, philosophies and savings plans would differ greatly for the family that they are starting together.

    My humble opinion.

    • Amazing. Am a Priest in the ACK and I prepare couples for marriage through Pre-marital counseling and I concur with you 105% about the need for couple to discuss the financial issues b4 they get married. Money is one of the big reasons why marriages get on the rocks.
      This is very informative