Reasons to support Kenyan cinemas

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We live in an age where movies are easily downloaded online, or bought in a stall for less than the price of bread. Thought this may be true, it is also important to support our cinemas and make it a priority to treat yourself to a movie more than just once in a while. Here are my top reasons why:

Family at the movies. Image from //
Family at the movies. Image from

Prices are Good. My cousin who recently came back from living in Australia mentioned how the prices of a movie there are equivalent to about 2,000-2,500shillings! I mean really?! Our cinemas can averagely charge around 500 shillings and the most would be like 600. On a good day, you can even get a price as low as 200 shillings! I watched Fast and the Furious 7 for this price at Imax. It was amazing… So before you start complaining about the money you are spending, remember the money you are saving.

Social Perfection. I have mentioned this before and I will mention it again, I think a movie is the perfect first date! This being because if you are someone who hates awkward tension like I do, it creates an opportunity to have something to talk about and break the ice in a way. Movies are also a brilliant way to bond with friends, and connect. I love being able to comment about the How fine Chris Pratt has become while watching Jurassic Park with my girlfriends, or recognize Vin Diesel’s awesomeness on big screen with my guy friends. For me it creates lasting memories.

Support the Art. I know it can be painful having to spend more on something you can watch at home for free, or nearly free but firstly, it is illegal! I think the biggest crime we commit in Kenya is illegally downloading or buying copy righted material. I know that I cannot and I will not judge because I am the first one to buy all my favorite series and movies at the DVD shop. When my German friend/ host sister came to stay with us for a year she was originally shocked that it happened so freely because back in her home country this specific law is literally enforced, and you can get jail time or a huge fine for breaking it. I am on the fence with this one so I will not tell you to stop buying ma-fifty bob movies, but how about you make a conscious decision to actually go and watch a movie a month just to support the people who actually made the movie, because the truth is when you are paying that Movie guy of yours the money goes nowhere near the original makers of the movie.

Newest Movies. Do you know I am still waiting for Inside Out on DVD? It has literally been like a month since it came out. Cinemas are cool because you get to watch a movie when it has just been released, putting you ahead of the game. Then you can have that amazing moment when your pals are talking about a movie they just watched and you are like, “Oh I saw that ages ago.”

Enhanced Viewing. No matter what you say, no one can convince me that watching a movie at home on your DVD player is better than an up-close and personal screening at the cinema. Firstly, you get awesome sound, amazing viewing with comfortable chairs, not to mention with a lot of recent movies you get the 3-D experience which most of us don’t have in our homes.

It can be a Hiding Spot. Cinemas can be some of the best places to hide from the world, even if all you want is some alone time, or a date with yourself. Like two months ago I had no plot for the day and I was randomly the sides of Ngong Road. I decided to go to Prestige and check out what they had, I bought a ticket to watch Mad Max Fury, never having heard of it before and it was fantastic. It was so much fun. Honestly if you need a break from life, for even just two hours, I recommend a movie.

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