Man Around Nairobi: Kevin Mbuthia

Kevin Mbuthia

It’s another beautiful Wednesday where we get to explore what the men of this city think about living and working in Nairobi. Today’s man around Nairobi is Kevin Mbuthia. Kevin Mbuthia is a trained journalist that has worked in the media, in advertising and on the online space. He is now a contractor specializing in the energy sector specifically, green energy.

Kevin Mbuthia
Kevin Mbuthia

1. Did you grow up in Nairobi?

I am born and bred in Nairobi specifically towards the hills to the South of this amazing city of ours. Karen and Ngong Areas. I will shoot anyone who throws in a “Kwaheri Nairobi” joke here. Hehehe. It was an extraordinary experience. I got to experience the “ocha” kind of life where we went to the garden and running around with dogs and stuff but was also close enough to go to Wimpy and Sarit Centre during the weekends. Also attend one of the best City Council schools of that generation. (Don’t speculate on my age pris)

2. What you love about Nairobi?

Nairobi is vibrant. It is a city that has a solution for everything. There is always “a guy” for every problem you have. It is a city full of resilient folk who are ready to deal with whichever curve balls life throws at them regardless of their positions.

3. What would you change about Nairobi?

The transport network. The constant traffic jams are enough to make you go insane. I wish there was a better transportation system that included RELIABLE trains, trams and an organized bus system. I miss the days of Kenya and Nyayo Bus. Everything was so nice and systematic.

4. As a professional how is it working in the Nairobi? Is Nairobi open to what you do or what could be better?

I think I have shown that I love it here. The city is full of opportunities for those willing to exploit them. A resilient person will always make it in Nairobi.

As a regional hub and being more or less the gateway to the country and the region, Nairobi is open to all (except farmers, there is no land here. Lol) Contractors (like myself can plug into the massive real estate market, business people can find hundreds of entrepreneurial opportunities to exploit etc.). There is a lot of red tape involved in setting up a business though. Too many licenses required.

5. If you had a tourist friend coming in from outside the country what three things would you say to sell them the idea that Nairobi is worth visiting.

1) A trip to the National park. We happen to live in the only city in the world with a National Park within city limits. This is a fact that is little appreciated. Where else can you sip on a cold brew as you watch wild animals against the backdrop of skyscrapers?

2) The people: Nairobi has some of the friendliest people ever. The smiles, the Hi’s, the handshakes and hugs never end. No one is hostile until proven otherwise. We are a welcoming people.

3) Fun times: There doesn’t exist a people that will find any excuse to party like Nairobians. In July, the city took a whole weekend off because a foreign president came to visit. There is a party on any day that ends with “day” and you don’t have to look far for a good time in Nairobi. We work hard and play hard.

You can find Kevin Mbuthia on twitter and Instagram as (@KevDaNative). His facebook is as dead as a dodo.

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