P & G launches Downy Fabric Softener in Kenyan market


Yesterday P & G introduced a new concentrated fabric softener, Downy to the Kenyan market. This is another first for Kenya as it is the first Sub-Saharan country where Downy has been introduced. Procter and Gamble best known as P&G is the consumer goods company behind the leading laundry detergent Ariel. They have also launched a consumer campaign where you can win a year’s school fees. Find the details at the bottom of this post.


We like to smell fresh every time we put on our newly washed clothes. For this Downy comes in four variants which can be divided into two categories depending on your goal for that day.

Clean, fresh scent

Valley Dew – This is for when you want to have a floral woody scent and comes in a 20ml sachet, 500ml and 1L bottles.

Floral Breeze – For that herbal fragrance with musky top notes and this only comes in the 500ml bottle.

Mood awakening scent

Feel Romantic – If you want to feel good about yourself this is the one to pick. It emits a fruity floral scent and comes in a 20ml sachet, 500ml and 1L bottles.

Feel Relaxed – we all feel relaxed when we feel protected and the floral fragrance with the musky top notes will make you feel that way. This only comes in the 500ml bottle.

In as much as the scents have already drawn you in you want to know what else you will gain by purchasing this product. You want your clothes less wrinkly, soft, fresh and protected from wearing out? Downy contains active softening agents that will protect your clothes and make them softer than ever and less wrinkled when they dry.

Anthony N’ganga,  East Africa’s Marketing Director at P&G says that Downy makes the wearer feel the encouragement and love in their clothing making them more confident. Mothers want to send their children out in the world to excel and remember their mother’s love is with them all the time.

When we are in a rut we pick our phones to call our mothers for help. Downy is your mother’s helper in a packet. It makes you feel as if her love and care is with you all the time.

Downy is very cost effective because it is concentrated hence you can wash up to 2.5 times more clothes than you will do with any other brand. The dollar is not on our side now but Downy promises not to leave a dent in your pocket. For best results use with Ariel detergent and pour 40ml for one washing machine load and 20ml for hand washing.

The price list is as follows:

20ml sachets – Ksh. 15.00
500ml – Ksh. 250.00
1 litre – Ksh. 450

Downy has your best interests at heart if all the benefits are anything to go by. To add more good news, you could stand to win 300,000ksh for your child’s school fees. All you have to do is send a personalized message of love on the Downy Kenya Facebook page.

The Downy team will be at the Junction mall on 12th September. Head on over and have your questions answered and also meet celebrity mothers like Renee Ngamau and Christine Khasinah-Odero. There will also be a lot of prices to be won.

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