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Women are always talking about meeting and dating the perfect guy. The one who listens to you, with whom you have the perfect sexual chemistry, makes you feel happy and even gets along fabulously with your parents. But what if you meet such a guy and this prince charming turns out not be the man you dreamed about.

In the movie The Perfect Guy, Leah (Sanaa Lathan) is dating the man of her dreams Dave (Morris Chesnut). They have been going out for 2 years and Leah wants to get married and have children but Dave is not ready. Leah who is 35 doesn’t want to wait around forever for Dave to marry her so she breaks it off with him.

The Perfect Guy Movie trailer.
The Perfect Guy Movie trailer.

By chance at a bar she meets Carter (Michael Ealy) who saves her from an obnoxious guy who is trying to hit on her. She spends some time with him and they hit it off. They start dating and everybody including her friends and parents think that he is the perfect guy.

When coming back from a trip to visit her parents, the couple stops at a gas station to get some things. A man asks Leah about Carter’s car while he is at the convenience store and Carter comes out and gets violent with the man for no reason. Leah is shocked and scared by his behaivour so she ends their relationship. Carter is not ready to let her go and he starts stalking her. He is an IT expert and he starts hacking her emails and puts cameras in her house. He tells her if he can’t have her nobody will.

Dave her old boyfriend comes back into her life and she realizes that she made a mistake rushing into a relationship with Carter who she doesn’t really know and whose’s life is a mystery to her, she hasn’t even met his friends or gone to his house. She starts dating Dave again and it seems her life will finally take a turn for the better but Carter who is jealous will not let her be happy. Leah has to take a stand to stop Carter from destroying her life with the help of a sympathetic cop.

The Perfect Guy is a love story turned thriller. It shows how dating a guy you barely know can be a disaster and also have fatal consequences. The perfect guy can turn out to be the perfect nightmare. Many women do not look beyond the good looks of a man (Michael Ealy is yummy), a man who is well spoken and charming.

Michael Ealy. Image from //
Michael Ealy. Image from

The movie is a cautious tale about dating and has some of the common urban legends about dating, including a handsome guy rescuing a girl at the bar by claiming to be her boyfriend when she is being hit on at the bar.

The acting by the 3 main actors is good, although Michael Ealy’s performance as being deranged is only shown by his beautiful piercing blue eyes sort of looking squint eyed to show that he has gone to his dark side.

In terms of being a thriller it doesn’t have many heart stopping moments, the kind that makes you want to close your eyes, and where your heart starts beating fast, and where the music score works with the mood to create a heighted atmosphere of anxiety. Let me just say the buildup of suspense was lacking although the acting was good.

I would recommend this movie as a cautionary tale for women not to get into relationships where they haven’t gotten to really know a guy before dating him. Although we may laugh at how things were done in the old days there was a reason that families did background checks on the potential candidates for suitors for their children. It was to ensure in part that there were no issues like madness running in the family that would affect a relationship. In the modern times we have lost that.

Hardcore thriller fans may find this movie to be abit low on suspense and thrills but if you are a Michael Early fan then you will love this movie.

Running Time:         1 hr 40 min
Genre:                        Drama
Director:                    David M. Rosenthal
Cast:                           Michael Ealy, Morris Chestnut, Sanaa Latham

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  1. I actually want to go watch this one with a friend in Kisumu. She is attracted to two guys and she keeps telling me to help her sort out her dilemma.

    The first guy offers her a lot of financial stability but is emotionally distant and is most of the time unavailable for dates because he is always travelling for work or just has a busy schedule.

    The second guy has a kawaida stable job but if he settles for him they will take forever to build a home which she really wants – the guy though is always available for dates and is quite a good listener and very handsome too.

    So maybe this is just the movie that will help her sort herself out…or at least she might see that she is not the only one with these problems ;-).

  2. Mine is simple. There’s this guy I got a crush on and I guess he already knows about this Yet he’s not making any effort of date/coffee/lunch. Now that’s the dilemma of giving a guy a hint of how you feel. So for me this movie is the perfect time to make my move cos I’m a getter and I go for what I want. Ni hayo tu kwa sasa

  3. An awesome love triangle movie,would love to watch it coz in a same scenario of long distant dating a white guy bt out of the country…wondering if should hold on till he comes or accept an invite to start dating this readily available handsome bt spontaneous egoist guy that’s proposing marriage straight from first time we met…am actually at a crossroad…need help!

  4. Sadly the tickets are gone for Kisumu! I was in such a situation a while back, maybe the Perfect Gal story rewritten. Enjoy Ominde, still gonna watch it.

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