Benefits of waking up early

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In today’s world, everybody seems to be on the move. People always appear to be in a hurry to do something. Take Nairobi for example; shortly after six in the morning, the city teems with people rushing to get to work. Traffic in the major roads leading to town becomes crazy and emotions run high as people risk getting late to work. This has dire consequences, an employee risks getting his salary slashed or sacked if it becomes a habit. To avoid all these, one needs to have a better plan to ensure they make it to work or wherever they are going in time. Keeping time is a sign of responsibility and focus.

Chasing time. Image from //
Chasing time. Image from

The best way to do this is to become the early bird that catches the proverbial worm. Many people claim how they are not morning people but the benefits you get from waking up early are paramount. Decide to retire to bed early and purpose to rise up early. Below I have listed the benefits you stand to gain once you decide to be an early riser.

1) Beginning your day in a great way

Once you wake early, you are able to plan how you want your day to unfold. The early hours of the morning gives you an opportunity to do your routine morning runs after which you can go back to the house, have a really relaxing shower and can get time to meditate. You also have a chance to draw a to-do list for the day where you can plan out your day with ease.

2) Chance to take your breakfast

Waking up late denies you the chance to have enough time to sit down and savour a breakfast that leaves you energetic throughout the day. On the contrary, once you are used to waking up early, you will get an opportunity to prepare a really healthy breakfast for you and maybe for your loved ones. You also get time to eat from home or carry it to the office if you are the type that cannot eat early in the morning. Again, this saves on cost. You have breakfast at home instead of buying once you get to the office.

3) Ability to concentrate

Except for the chirping of birds, early mornings are generally silent with little activity causing you disturbance. At these hours, you are able to go through your schedule and see what you are required to do. You can also take this time for your devotion where you get to really connect with your deity. You can also take this chance to read a book as it is very quiet and you can concentrate. This helps you to be productive throughout the day.

Walking up early is good. Image from //
Walking up early is good. Image from

4) Focus

Waking up early helps you to psyche up yourself and be able to really focus (if you are a morning person). This willpower dwindles as the day wears out so it’s good you take advantage of it when it is still at its peak. Listening to some inspirational audios or watching an inspirational video gives you the right kick for starting your day.

5) Commuting made easy

Once you wake early, you are able to prepare and leave the house prior to traffic building up. There are few commuters early in the morning and you can get to the office early.

Plan to be an early riser to reap the above benefits and more.

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