Is slimming tea a good weight loss option?

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The daily rat race has taken over a great part of our lives that we simply don’t have time to settle down for at least one well balanced meal each day. Instead, we are fast preferring a quick drive through for some junky, over salted fast food accompanied by an over sweetened soft drink or a kilo of Nyama-choma and lots of beer. And when the day is done, it is too late or there is not time and energy for a proper workout session let alone a good nights sleep, thus the unwanted pounds keep piling.

Slimming tea. Image from //
Slimming tea. Image from

Owing to this, many of us who are health and fitness conscious resort to a cheap, easy and quick fix that is Slimming Tea for instant weight loss.

While some swear on the effectiveness of these products, others have experienced the nasty side effects.

Dr. Nicolas Mwasya based at the Mater Hospital in Nairobi, indicates that as it is with any other quick weight loss remedies, slimming teas can affect ones health if used wrongly.

Slim teas cause certain disorders like Diarrhea, Nausea, Vomiting, Stomach cramps, Fainting, Chronic constipation and perhaps even death when consumed in excessive quantity.

Similar to the pure ones which may be beneficial to the body, such as green tea,black tea,  nettle tea and wheatgrass tea the slimming tea also contains;

  • • Antioxidants that speed up metabolism and increase fat burning.
  • Polyphenols and Caffeine which start the process of thermogenesis boosting the metabolic rate without causing an increase in heart rate.
  • Antioxidant catechins which prevent fat deposition in the Adipose tissues of the body.

However, one distinguishing additive contained in the slimming teas that isn’t found in the pure teas is a laxative. Be it a natural or synthetic laxative, it presents a risk factor especially when the product is used in excess and without a supplementary diet.

Notably, most slimming teas found in Kenya black market are fake products claiming to be made from popular Chinese ingredients, whose contents and expiry date aren’t indicated and quality not assured. This is not only risky to one’s health but also means one cannot seek legal redress when harmed.

Dr. Mwasya also asserts that weight loss should involve a total lifestyle change in which diet and exercise are key. “Once a qualified Physician or Nutritionist has analyzed your Body Mass Index (BMI) and other chronic conditions you may have, then they can put you on a suitable weight loss regimen which may include certain types of exercise, a customized diet and mineral supplements, and at times a recommended slimming tea may be prescribed for a short period of time.”

Unfortunately many users don’t realize or rather don’t want to see that the consequences from self-prescribed or using a product that worked for a friend, wrongful and prolonged use of slimming teas for weight loss can be deadly.

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