5 tips for travelling with an infant

Baby in a car seat. Image from http://www.traffictechnologytoday.com/news.php?NewsID=25292

Parenthood is the most beautiful milestone one can experience in life. The freshness of a new born child, the tiny delicate fingers, and the sweet innocence, all of it is simply a breathtaking beauty. However, when one has to go on a road trip and taking that sweet bundle of joy is the only viable option, having your hair plucked from its roots suddenly isn’t your worst nightmare. Infants require a lot of tender love and care, and a lot more when you decide to travel, especially for first time parents.

Here are some tips to remember that may make things a bit more pleasurable for everyone including baby during that memorable tour.

1. Clean, comfortable and safe

Vacation time is relaxing time, and everyone needs to be relaxed. Make sure to dress him/ her in soft, loose clothes and loosen the diaper strap as well.

Baby in a car seat. Image from //www.traffictechnologytoday.com/news.php?NewsID=25292
Baby in a car seat. Image from http://www.traffictechnologytoday.com/news.php?NewsID=25292

Also, get a baby car seat that is well secured and padded enough to ensure extra comfort.

Carry lots of wet wipes and antibacterial hand sanitizer for everyone to use frequently along the ride.

Strategically pack everything you need in a way that can be easily located and quickly unpacked.

Research on the reliable hospitals closest to the place of accommodation and have your Pediatricians contact on speed dial in case of any complications.

2. Food

Breast milk works best any time anywhere, mommies shouldn’t feel shy about it at all. However, you still have the option of pumping some beforehand and carry some in a small cooler box (Separate from daddy’s huge cooler that’s full of beer).

If weaning, have some small tins of baby mash packed in a warm thermos to last the entire journey.

When booking the hotel, remember to inform them you shall be traveling with a baby so that they can prepare a baby cot and inform the kitchen staff of any special dietary needs.

Remember to have lots of drinking water and rinsing water as well. Bacteria is always lurking around in the open waiting to attack a vulnerable tummy, so once a tin is opened don’t feed baby from the same tin and don’t reuse a dirty spoon either, have several disposable ones or thoroughly clean the one.

3. Keep Cool

Most Kenyans take trips during the warmer seasons, so keeping cool is important while on the road. Sip on water frequently and give some to baby too.

Keep the air conditioning on although not direct on baby’s face to avoid irritation, also remove some clothing’s and baby’s diaper to prevent heat rash.

4. Sharing is caring

Delegate baby duty time to everyone during the trip so that you can have some good and quiet time to refresh and for the others to bond with the newborn too. Of course always ensure a trusted adult is always present.

5. Routine

Much as you are away from home, try to maintain baby’s routine as much as possible. Bath time, feeding time, playtime and sleep time should pretty much remain as is so as to keep baby from getting too grumpy in the new surroundings.

All in all, relax, sing along in the car, take many photos and have a happy and fun trip and I am sure baby will too.

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