Infinix Hot 2 Review – it’s a great phone for a budget user


The Infinix Hot 2 X510 was developed for the African market. It runs on a new Android program called Android one program which guarantees software updates as soon as they are available. It is an entry level smart phone for Infinix and an upgrade to the Infinix Hot X507.


The Infinix Hot 2 has the same 5-inch display as the Infinix Hot. Some key differences with its predecessor are that it is thinner with a width of 7.8 mm. Although the Infinix Hot 2 and the Infinix Hot have the same 5 inch display, the newer version has a sharper, more colourful display.

The Infinix Hot 2’s battery is still wanting at 2200 mAH but you can use Android Lollipop battery saver feature, which promises to extend your battery life. I was hoping the new phone would have a better battery like the Infinix Hot Note which has me sold on the battery which lasts for hours especially since they said that this phone was built for Africa. I guess you can’t get everything. You can remove the battery, which means that you can change the battery, an issue I am worried about with the Infinix Hot Note, because if the battery dies (it is attached) then you have to buy a new phone.

The phone comes with Infinix fast chargers and the phone shows you how much charge you have on the phone. It comes with earphones. There was an issue with the quality of the earphones, as the left earphone is not as loud as the right one. The phone is a dual SIM phone, with a slot for an external memory card, which you have to get for yourself.

One of the things I love about the phone is the elegant design. Also the fact that it is the damage resistant which was an issue with the older Infinix Hot X507.  A friend’s Infinix Hot fell and broke and it was such a process trying to have it fixed as there was only one customer care point at the time (I need to find out if they added a few places now). The phone fits perfectly in one’s hand.

The display is clear and sharp, with great colour separation and the screen brightness is ok. We haven’t had this phone long enough to use it for gaming or watching videos, but it takes amazing pictures. It is also great for reading and checking out multimedia content.

It is pretty fast and you can move between apps very easily. It also has 16GB internal memory to store the things you need on a daily basic like photos, music, documents, games and movies. You can expand that to 32GB with a micro SD.

The camera is able to capture bright, sharp images even in dim light. The front camera is also not bad. It can take a pretty decent selfie. You can also take videos in HD to capture those moments that you would like to remember or share.

The phone comes with earphones, USB cable, USB Charger and the battery which is detachable.

Our writer Shingai tried the phone for 2 weeks and here is her personal experience. For the past week and a half I have been using the new Infinix Hot 2 phone that has become all the rage as far as affordable new smartphone devices go. It was pretty interesting to find out that my friend (Kimberly Kimeria) got the exact same phone at around the same time, so I will lay out a double review with the combination of both our opinions for a more rounded article.

Best Features

  • The camera. The first thing I knew how to do as a non-techy was take a selfie and I was surprised that the 2 megapixel front camera takes really good pictures, especially when there is good lighting. The 8 megapixel  back camera is also quite good though it takes a while to focus.
  • The phone has an amazing memory, is durable and is pretty fast. The phone speaker is amazing. The clarity, when playing a song is quite good.
  • The update feature on Android one. This is probably the biggest selling point for this phone, because it gives you access to quite a number of apps and features that weren’t previously available.
  • The price. This phone is at a ridiculously low price right now compared to other mobile devices on the market right now with the same or similar features. It is probably the best option for someone on a budget.


  • It is heavier than most newer phones, but not too bad and definitely an improvement than the previous Infinix Hot phone.
  • • The earphones are not the best quality and I have had an issue with the left earphone being not as loud as the right one.
  • The battery life is the usual when it comes to most android phones, which means it could be better.

The phone is a Lollipop 5.1 version which I have never used before so it’s an amazing new experience. So far so good as I have hardly had any problems with it. It doesn’t hang, I can run many programs on it without it freezing, and my friend mentioned that it is actually better than the Sony she previously owned to be honest.

Features of the phone

• It has a 5.0 inch display and high-definition (1280 x 720 pixels) resolution
• 16GB ROM + 1GB RAM with a 1.3GHz Quad-Core Processor.
• 2200mAh battery
• It runs on Android Lollipop with an automatic update to the latest version of Android when it becomes available.
• The Hot 2 allows users to read and respond to messages directly from the locked screen
• Quick access to tools like the flashlight, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and more
• The screen is made of Dragon Glass making it anti-scratch and resistant to native damage.
• 8.0 MP rear camera in addition to 5P Lens and 2MP front-facing camera. It has high sensitivity to allow users to take high quality photos in any settings.

If you are looking to get an Infinix Phone on a budget then get this phone. You can buy The Hot 2 on Jumia at Ksh. 8,999. It is a good deal at the price it is being sold at. I am biased towards the Infinix Hot Note which I love but I think this phone is great value for money.

Post by Rayhab Gachango with additional review by Shingai Kagunda.

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