Tips to create a more organized home

Using your closet effectively. Image from

Contrary to popular belief, organizing one’s home doesn’t always come naturally. There are some of us that find it a struggle to sort things in the most space-saving and visually appealing ways possible. In fact, some houses are so poorly organized that they already need pest control.

You definitely don’t want that to happen to your home. Make your home look crisp, presentable, and at the same time free of vermin and insects with these tips.

Old Belts Into Shelves

Turning belts into shelves. Image from
Turning belts into shelves. Image from

If you have spare planks of wood and old belts, you can create shelves where you can place small items. They look classy and creative. And as an additional bonus, you get to recycle and save a few hundreds.

Chests and Suitcases into Coffee Tables

If you don’t have much space for both a coffee table and an item where you can store things that you want to stash away, then why not go for a chest or even a suitcase? Both of these things can do the same thing a coffee table does, which is to be the centerpiece of your living room and hold ornaments like vases and the aptly named coffee table books, and double as a storage.

using suitcases

You can either display it as it is, giving your living room a unique look and feel, or put a tablecloth on it to give it a more conventional image. Either way, the important thing is that you get to kill two birds in one stone in the most space-saving way possible.  Check out 40 Creative Ways Of Re-Using Old Suitcases.

The Halls of Learning

Hallways are usually left bare, as people usually just pass by it. After all, it’d be more convenient to put things in the room where they’ll be used. Books, however, can be read almost anywhere at home; they don’t have to be confined in the bedrooms.

With that in mind, why not put bookshelves on both sides of your halls? Aside from the fact that it can utilize usually unused spaces and save space in bedrooms so that they can used for other things, it gives you the feeling of being in a library whenever you walking through it. And quite frankly, it does make you feel smart, not to mention that it motivates you to read the books you have bought. Because more likely than not, you have yet to do so.

Using your space efficiently. Image from
Using your space efficiently. Image from

Like a Librarian

Speaking of books, let’s talk about one of the biggest problems you encounter with them, especially when you have already collected lots of the stuff: finding them. Even though you place them on a shelf, you either just wedge it in or flatly put it there anyway, as it’s the easy thing to do. That practice, however, usually gives you a hard time when you are now looking for a particular book.

If you no longer want such a time-consuming problem to trouble you again, then why don’t you organize your books? Alphabetically, by genre, or even by color – it’s up to you; the important thing is that you are able to find the title you’re looking for in the shortest way possible.

Under the Closet

It may not seem much, but the space on the bottom of your closet can actually store a lot of your stuff. Books, unused appliances, boxes full of old stuff, and most importantly and most appropriately, shoes – these are just some of the few things you can place in it. And if you want a more organized way of placing things on your closet’s bottom, you can use small drawers, or even create makeshift ones.

Using your closet effectively. Image from
Using your closet effectively. Image from

There are many ways to organize one’s home, and these are just a few. They may not seem much, but they can definitely save you a lot of space. And hopefully, from these tips, you get to learn more.

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Jeremiah Erasga is a Freelance Interior Designer with a diploma in Architecture. His study mostly consists of home designs that resist corrosion and structural failure caused by termites and other natural causes, when he’s not busy imagining his next design, he spends most of his time with family and friends. Follow his journey on Twitter and Google+.

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