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Welcome to our new Travel Tuesday segment The Curious Wanderer where we meet people who love to travel. Our second guest Lillian Gaitho is a mother, reader, writer, and wanderer! Unspoiled, virgin nature gives her a kick, while travelling and discovering new adventures illumines her imagination.

lillian gaitho

1. What is your favorite destination?

The Mother City – Cape Town. The tranquility of the town, cleanliness, wine and dine; CT makes my imaginations of what fairytale living should be almost real!

2. What places are on your travel bucket list?

My dream destinations:

1. Egypt: from the tombs of Gaza to the temples whose shadows dance in the Aswan.

2. Morocco – Marrakech Why? Both places are wealth pots of culture, unwritten history and heritage that you cannot experience elsewhere

3. What factors do you consider when choosing a destination for your holidays or mini breaks?

This largely depends on family needs-since I’ll mostly be in the company of hubby and daughter. On my own, any destination is great-I believe in Martin Buber’s words, “All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware”

4. What are you travel essentials?

My papers; from the id, passport to vaccination records,

2. Personal effects including basic first aid and water purifier,

3.My phone, camera,

4.Practical change of clothing depending on the type of trip ie business functions, formal and informal meetings

5. How do you save for your holidays?

I decide on the destination, preferred hotel costs, flights etc and set a ‘saving period/scheme ahead of the D-Day”

6. Horror story from your travels. What went wrong?

That’s Johannesburg! Once in a mall (a recognized franchise). The attendees mistook me for (I’m not sure what) and accused me of “shop lifting” The whole situation was horribly humiliating. It made it worse because they insisted in speaking Afrikaans to me, until (God’s grace!) a Kenyan working at the mall spoke Swahili , and I looked up to him for much needed salvation.

7. Where are you planning to go for your next mini trip or holiday?

No solid plans, but Diani would be a lovely family weekend break

8. If you had to choose a country from your travels where you could settle down apart from your home country which country would that be and why?

South Africa is still my best despite…but beyond Africa, Luxembourg any day!

9. Do you prefer to travel alone or in a group? Why?

Group travels are fun; I’m a believer in the adage, ‘the more the merrier’

10. How many countries have you been to?


11. What is the most interesting city to visit in your country?

Not really a city, but Nanyuki is magical…

12. What is the most interesting souvenir that you have ever bought on one of your holidays?

A 1986 wine, still reserved for my second born’s celebration!

13. Would you rather visit another country or travel within your own country?

Out of the country-not that it’s more adventurous across border, rather because, my country is my home and backyard-it’ll take me less prepping, and shorter times to plan; a drive out of town with an extra hour on top will take me to an entirely new landscape! Truly magical Kenya.

14. What are popular tourist destinations in your country? Have you been to any of them?

Naivasha, Diani, Mombasa, Nanyuki, …visited most.

15. Which would you recommend if you could only recommend one?

Diani would be my “only one” recommendation. Its idyllic setting is quite calming and relaxing

16. What advice would you give a newbie traveler travelling outside the country for the first time?

Have all your papers signed and sealed ahead of time! And carry along duplicates, make a list of emergency numbers…and check the dollar exchange rate 🙂

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