Challenges of the modern young man

Men showing off their muscles. Scene from the movie Chocolate City. Image from

The modern young man is faced by a myriad of challenges. From the gossip groups that brand every man a dog to other to some feminists groups that have concluded how useless men are and they are perfectly fine without them. Most of the myths and misconceptions about the today’s man are enough to wreck him and turn him to the animal claimed to be. However, the greatest challenge facing the young man is that of absence of people to look up to. Men of character from whom young men can learn. Manhood has been misinterpreted by some big boys (in some big bodies) who pose as men. Transitioning from a young man to a fully grown man, there are things I have learnt about manhood, some of which I have listed below.

1. Manhood is not physical strength.

Today’s young man is impressed by how much weight he can lift, the number of sit-ups and press-ups he can manage in a short span and how toned his body has become. When he takes his shirt off in front of some women and they scream in amazement, he thinks he has made it in life. This is where he misses the mark. Manhood goes beyond the physical strength and what he can do with his physical power.

Men showing off their  muscles. Scene from the movie Chocolate City. Image from //
Men showing off their muscles. Scene from the movie Chocolate City. Image from

2. Manhood is about putting passion and lust in check.

It’s funny how a moment of passion can water down a reputation that took forever to build. Recently, the front pages of the local dailies were splashed with images of a fake rogue doctor who could not contain his lust for female patients and he ended up raping them. What followed were repercussions he had not anticipated. A hefty court fine, spending days in police cells and his image tainted. Young men should that this is what manhood is NOT. They should learn to tame their passions.

3. Every man should strive to be frugal

Nowadays, the crazy partying that happens every weekend, starting Fridays leaves a great dent in the pockets of the party goers. While there is nothing wrong with partying, young men take it that the more beer you imbibe, the more respect you earn for being a guzzler. It doesn’t matter whether that leaves you with a hangover or broke when you wake up in the morning. This is missing the mark. According to some documentary I found on YouTube, Warren Buffet, one of the most successful investors still lives in the house he used to live in before all the money checked in. He is every definition of frugal. Spend money only on what you need.

4. Self control defines a real man.

How loudly a man yells at someone who wrongs him has been taken as manly. Being temperamental and being angered by small issues has been translated as manly but on the contrary, manhood is defined by how well a man solves a problem. How rational he is when making a decision. A word said in anger only comes back later in life to haunt the person who uttered it. Being in control of one’s emotion does define a man.

5. A man is a leader.
The real modern man is defined by his ability to provide solutions when there seems to be none to the people that matter to him. Cases of fatherless children would not be there if all the men took responsibility to bring up their children. A man is the provider and leader of the house.

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  1. From what i have learnt, being a man is two things: Responsibility for both yourself and others and Having a set of principles to live by. Without principle, a man can easily be swayed by others. Therefore a man should know what is wrong and right and stick to that

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