Find The Right Shoes For Your Leg Shape

Different types of woman's shoes. Image from

Shoes are a major part of an outfit and they can break or make an outfit. The right pair of shoes will add a lot of points to your overall appearance. An uncomfortable shoe will make you have a really long day and your struggle may show. Our shoes should make us look elegant and classy. Here are tips that will guide you in finding the right pair of shoes.

Different types of woman's shoes. Image from
Different types of woman’s shoes. Image from

1. Short and slim legs

When you have such legs your aim is to make your legs appear taller and fuller. To do this you will need to wear platforms and wedges. This is because they are the most comfortable and you do not want to put a lot of pressure on your slim legs.

You should avoid heels with ankle straps because the straps break your legs into two parts and that makes your legs look shorter.

If you like ballerina flats, make sure the hemline of your dress or skirt falls above the knee. This makes your legs appear longer than they really are.

2. Short and thick legs

Short and thick legs appear very short because of their thickness. So here we are still aiming for the illusion of length. Go for open-toed shoes or peep toes with a solid heel as these will flatter your legs best.

Get shoes that show a lot of skin or wear nude colours or brown-based colours to elongate your legs.

Avoid mid-calf boots, flat boots, wedges and chunky heels as they make your legs look thicker. Do not wear a shoe that wraps around your ankles like gladiator sandals.

3. Long and slender legs

We all pray to have legs like these. Having legs for days has never been a problem for anyone, at least not anyone I know. In as much as we covet them, there are also various styles of shoes that will make them shorter or obscenely long.

If you have thin ankles, wear ankle boots or mid-calf boots. They will hide your ankles while exposing the rest of your leg hence the length of your legs will remain.

Don’t wear pointy shoes as they elongate your feet so your whole leg looks weird. Do not also wear chunky heels as they will overwhelm your ankles.

4. Thick athletic legs

The aim here will be to elongate the legs and still have them look feminine. If you wear open-toed shoes and stilettos your legs will appear leaner. Also, try super high heels that are a little pointy as they will elongate your feet making your legs appear longer and leaner.

Chunky wedge sandals are also a very good option but they should have a 2 or 3-inch heel.

Avoid rounded pumps, small squared heels because they add weight to your legs making you look heavier.

To continue accentuating your outfit you can have the shoes in different colours especially those with long slender legs.

You can have different designs of the shoes but keep the main do’s and dont’s in check.

When it comes to shoes, you need all the information you can get.

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Find The Perfect Shoes For Your Leg Shape

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