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The corporate world may seem boring when it comes to dressing. There is a limit to how much you can accessorize, how much makeup you can wear, and the height of your stilettos and so on. I would like to show you how to make your office outfit look fabulous while still looking professional.

A bit of color
Generally office wear come in dull/dark colors. Shades of brown, black, grey, navy blue and these colors can really wash someone out

To make your outfit more appealing and bring out your personality a little color will be needed. Do not go all out like Reese Witherspoon in legally blonde and refuse to conform to the dress code. Just add a little color and you will be ready to go. Accessories you can use to bring in a dash of color are your handbag, waist belts, shoes and scarves.

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The most appropriate jewelry accessory for your ears at an office will be studs. They are not distracting and are less likely to be caught in things. They also do not jiggle which can cause a lot of irritating noise when you walk around the office.

Waist belt

A waist belt enhances the outfit and makes your waist appear smaller. As we said above it can be of a different color from the outfit to give a dash of color. It should also not be very chunky as office accessories should be minimal. A standard one or 2 inch width will give your outfit the elegance it needs.


There are many types of hand bags but for the office we need a sturdy super stylish bag. It should make a statement and make you look professional at the same time. It should not be slouchy or droopy which will end up giving it a cheap look. Also go for good quality leather if you can so as to look more elegant and professional

Necklaces and rings

Office jewelry should be minimal and all statement jewelry should be left at home for the weekends out and informal events.

Silver, gold and pearls are the best option for the office. For the gold jewelry will match well with a skin of warmer colors and the silver accessories go well with darker skin types. Pearls are known to exude elegance and should only be put in one string. Leave the plastic earrings and rings at home.

Wrist watch

People nowadays say they do not need a watch as they have a phone with them. A watch does not only serve the purpose of telling time, it accessorizes your hand. Make sure it is classy and will not chip off. Have a small watch as the big ones are mainly reserved for men.

The watch should also be simple so that it does not distract your coworkers.

Trench coats

With the coming cold season, you will need a nice trench coat to keep you warm. A good trench coat will go a long way in making your outfit more appealing. A beige or black trench coat will work best, mainly choose darker colors for the office as you might be wearing it the whole day depending on the weather.

The office dress code may not tickle you fancy but there are several; ways of infusing your fashion into the workplace. Just keep it minimal.

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