A troubled teenager’s letter to her parents

Black teenager. Image from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/500110733596849556/

Dear Dad and Mum,

I hope this finds you well if at all you will take time to read it. I’m getting used to this new Boarding school and all is well. I know your lives are very busy and I shouldn’t be bugging you with my silly thoughts, but I am not seeking attention like a spoilt kid and no I don’t need any of those ‘expensive’ things you buy to keep me quiet. I am confused and really need your listening ear and wise perspective.

You may have heard, read or even contributed to the rants and raves about children behaving badly from broadcast news, newspapers, magazine articles, and social media. Well, in my world, this is really not news, but how you adults are reacting to it is.

Black teenager. Image from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/500110733596849556/
Black teenager. Image from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/500110733596849556/

This is the norm for most of us teenagers because we are at a confusing phase in our lives yet no one wants to help us through it. Even when we are just good, you assume we are mischievous, naïve morons so you yell down at us until we are so broken that some of us choose to commit suicide or take solace in becoming very good at that bad stuff. We do all that stuff and even worse without getting caught because just like you, most other parents don’t care. All you do is work, work, work, and play your own dirty games. Clearly, we learn from the best!

Our social studies teacher taught us that the family is the basic unit of society because this is where new members are created and trained on how to interact with others. Well, I’m grateful to have a family and parents who work hard to cater for my needs but I would trade that in anytime for a listening, patient and loving one. What I don’t understand is why there is so much hate, bad behavior and double standards in our family.

Everyone in the estate knows dad is a drunk, a chain smoker and very violent the few times he comes home. So dad, why did you ruthlessly beat up my shy and reserved bro? Gosh, how can you put Kev in a coma for having cigarettes in his room! Do you know he never even smoked them? He was just hiding them from you so that when you roared in anger when looking for them, he would bring them to you to make you happy and take pride in him, even if for a brief moment. Then, as part of his plan he would try to have chat with you about guy stuff. Now I guess he will never need to!

I heard some mboches gossiping that you beat him up that bad because he isn’t your biological son and that mum is promiscuous.

Is that why you quickly sent me off to this girl’s only boarding school in such a remote area? I am not going to be like that, heck, I don’t even like boys! I actually like this school because I met my soulmate, she is in class eight and has taught me a lot and I love her oh so much.

Anyway, I just wanted to clear the issue that got me here in the first place. The boy you found in my room that morning is called James, he is my best friends’ brother, remember Catherine? We collected her favorite music and were going to burn a compilation disc as a birthday gift for her. When you walked in I had just inserted the rewritable disc which I assumed was empty. We weren’t watching porn!

I actually got that disc from a brown bag dad gave auntie, which I assumed was trash. By the way, why is dad always winking at auntie and mum at the plumber?

So stop alleging that James raped me because we all know you are trying to embezzle money from his family, just as you do with your corrupt under dealings at work. Shame on you! I would rather treat others right, even if I’m called poor, so as to live with a clear conscience and peace of heart and mind.

Please change your ways. And before you complain about how bad kids are these days, look keenly and you will see that it is a reflection of you. Stop bitching and start a revolution! Change starts with you.

Your daughter.

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