6 tips to bring out your natural beauty

Jill Scott looking fabulous. Image from http://naturallymoi.com/2012/10/jill-scott-believes-black-women-dont-embrace-natural-beauty-enough/#.Vi26SitwJ_l

In this day and age it is almost impossible to imagine that you can survive as a woman without make-up as a co-existing partner. Though the fact of the matter is that one hundred years ago our ancestors had no idea what make up was. Were they still found attractive? They must have been otherwise there would have been no generations to come after them.

We already stated in a previous article why makeup is not what makes you pretty in the twenty first century. Though, sometimes we may want to give ourselves a little extra boost in our physical appearance without going the whole hundred miles when it comes to makeup. You know those times someone explains to you their make-up regimen including foundation, contouring, etc. and you feel clueless? That doesn’t have to be your life. So what is the secret? What little additions can you implement?

Jill Scott looking fabulous. Image from http://naturallymoi.com/2012/10/jill-scott-believes-black-women-dont-embrace-natural-beauty-enough/#.Vi26SitwJ_l
Jill Scott looking fabulous. Image from http://naturallymoi.com/2012/10/jill-scott-believes-black-women-dont-embrace-natural-beauty-enough/#.Vi26SitwJ_l

1. Be Kind to your Face! Start natural. I use Vaseline on my face, just because it works for me. My friend is addicted to the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter solid for her face. Another option would be Johnson’s Baby Oil. You don’t have to buy a fancy product, just find what works for you that is as close to natural as possible and stick with it.

2. Get a good lip balm! This cannot be emphasized enough. One of the worst feelings in the world is when your lips are dry and crackly. It’s not fun to continuously be peeling off the dead skin, and if you have a partner or a spouse those are probably not the best lips to kiss either. I searched and searched for my perfect lip balm and finally found Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula, Lip Butter. It smells nice, tastes nice, and feels nice and soft. (I like the Dark Chocolate and Peppermint flavor.) Another really good option is the Nivea Lip Butter, or you can just save a few bucks, go old fashioned and carry small Vaseline around with you for your lips. Usually pharmacies have better lip balm products than supermarkets so you can always check at the chemist near you.

3. Get a colorful lip gloss. When you want to look a little extra pretty have your lip gloss that gives off a bit of color handy. It helps give off the impression of the red lip without fully going for it. My recent favorite product for that has been the Flamor Lip Gloss. It has a beautiful shine, and when worn over lip balm is non-sticky and can last a while. The color that works for me is an almost purplish shade but there are various shades from almost brown to a deep-ish red.

4. Get your mascara on. I love the idea of mascara. This is mostly because I have a fetish for long eyelashes, I think they are beautiful! Mascara can add a gorgeous volume to your eyelashes, making your eyes stand out in an understated way. It has been a journey looking for the perfect mascara for myself because my eyes get easily affected by products which aren’t real causing an irritating itchiness throughout the day. Currently I am using the Jordana Mascara which has been a bit better than most though I feel like it’s still not the best and I am still looking for the best mascara product for me individually. If you have any suggestion please leave it in the comments below.

5. Try on Eyeliner. This one is very optional, but I will say I only enjoy make up that highlights your natural beauty, while bringing out the best features on you without completely hiding or covering you up. I like eyeliner because like mascara, if done properly they bring out the eyes beautifully. You can play around with eyeliner and do so much with it from the Egyptian Cat eye, to a simple understated outline of your own eye lids. I am on the hunt for a good eye liner right now, so again if you have any suggestions please help a sister out and leave them in the comments below.

6. Jewelry and fancy things. Invest in a good pair of earrings! If you want to feel extra pretty it helps to look the part. It doesn’t even have to be expensive. Wear a simple pendant chain or necklace that falls gently on your chest, in between the ladies. It may not seem like much but you will be surprised by how it brings out an air of understated dignity and elegance. It is also an enjoyable experience discovering what your taste in jewelry is. I am currently loving and adding more African pieces to my style.

If this was a makeup tutorial it would be the easiest one ever. These simple steps prove that you don’t need a whole make up kit to feel and look the part of a sexy lady. The foundational element here is, stay as close to natural as possible and realize what works for another person may not always work for you. Find out what works for you, how far you want to get into your makeup journey and stick with it.

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