Road trip? Some travel essentials for the journey

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We are approaching the festivities and many people will be travelling for long distances to join with their loved ones or just to adventure. For such long distances as 500km, people opt to use faster means of transport but there are others who due to financial constraints, or just to feel the thrill of road trips, opt to travel for more than ten hours. Road trips can be hectic sometimes but there are tips you may need to make it really fun.

Road trip essentials. Image from
Road trip essentials. Image from

a) Entertainment

Road trips are meant to be fun and you don’t want to be bored while on the way. To keep you fully entertained, you might have to carry gadgets that are already pre-loaded with your favourite music and movies, such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets which are really helpful when it comes to this.

Unfortunately, they could run out of charge on the way thus you need to have with you some charging systems so that your fun activity is not cut short. Invest in power banks. If you are the kind to draw entertainment from reading, books are the way to go. If you wish to carry more than one book, you may need to get kindle which is easier and convenient to carry. You may load as many books as you like in the kindle. You also need your phone to communicate to friends and family while on the move and in case of an emergency.

b) Foodstuff

Long distances can really drain you of your energy and also leave you hungry thus not enjoying the ride. To avoid this, make sure you pack some snacks to nibble on and drinks to keep you fully rejuvenated throughout the journey. However avoid foods that will fill your stomach with gas and make you very uncomfortable during your trip.

c) Comfort

Comfort is a necessity when it comes to road trips. You do not want to twist your neck trying to sit or sleep in a certain position. You need to carry a pillow to support your neck or sit on. Again, the clothes you wear are supposed to be light, if you are travelling in hot weather, so that you do not become all sweaty and uncomfortable prior to reaching your destination. The sun may be unforgiving sometimes and you may need to carry some sun glasses to shield your eyes from the harsh rays. You can also carry a hat to shade your face. Otherwise, wear and carry warm clothing for cold weather.

d) Documenting the journey

No matter the place you travel to, you are going to encounter some very exciting things on the way. You may want to re-live some of the moments in the future and that is why you need to carry a good camera to take photos or record videos. You may also carry a notebook to write down some the exciting things you learn.

e) Security

It is always good to take precautionary measures while travelling on some long distance. The vehicle you are travelling in may break down in the middle of nowhere and you need to be safe, that’s why it is good to have company for that. Make sure you have emergency numbers to call in case of any issues and a first aid box just in case of an accident. Again, you may travel longer than anticipated and you need to carry stuff like torches to light your way in case you have to walk in the dark.

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