Men: How to look good in a suit


Suits have, over the years, stood the test of time to remain fashionable despite the ever dynamic fashion world. The person behind this line of clothing must have been an absolute genius. One can never go wrong in a suit, whether attending a corporate or casual event. If they were able to speak, suits would tell some harrowing tales of the people who wore them in the wrong way or just did not know how to have them on. Sadly, there are people who keep committing these fashion wrongs even in this age where information is accessible from wherever you are. To pull an elegant look in a suit, consider the following insights:-

Fitting is key

I find it offensive when I see anyone walking in an oversized, unfitting suit that seems to make the wearer uncomfortable as they have to keep pulling the pants up or the arms cannot be seen as they are covered by the jacket. This is no longer stylish. Any man who is keen on remaining fashionable should know his size and shop for a suit that perfectly fits him. Always go for a smaller size than what is indicated on the suit as your size. Chances are that the manufacturer leaves an allowance, so the smaller size fits you. However, don’t confuse fitting with tight.

About buttons on your suit

Suits come with different number of buttons depending on your preference. Two button suits are the most common and considered the best by most people. However, there are people who consider three-button suits. Whichever you choose, always leave the bottom buttons of the jackets unfastened.


Your pants should ideally reach just above your shoes. If it gathers around that area, you may consider having a tailor trim a few inches off it so that it fits you just right. Also, pants should be worn at the waist and not around your hips. Sagging is not stylish, at all.

Looking stylish in a suit. Image from
Looking stylish in a suit. Image from


A suit will ordinarily come with a matching tie and pocket square. However, you do not need to wear both of them as a set, at the same time. You may consider mixing it up, coordinating different colours to avoid being too matchy matchy. The size of your tie should match with the lapel size. Again, when attending cocktail parties or dinner events, you may have to ditch that tie for the classic and stylish bow tie. Works wonders.


A good suit is incomplete without a good shirt. Always ensure that you tuck in your shirt to avoid looking unruly and untidy. Your collar size should match with your tie knot such that if your collar is big, the knot should have a corresponding size. Avoid wearing shirts with logos or big writings on them.

Belts and shoes

The colour of your belt should match with that of your shoes. It is appropriate and fashionable but not mandatory.


Plain socks are the way to go for many people. If you intend to look formal and official, steer clear of brightly coloured socks and those with drawings and cartoons on them. However, if you are attending a party or a wedding, depending on the theme, just do you.

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