Men: How to look stylish in a scarf


The cold season is upon us with the rains making it cold and wet. We would all like to look as good in the rain as we do during the summer. For the men, this can be as easy as owning a scarf. A scarf can double up as an accessory while still making keeping you warm. A scarf adds a lot of charm to an outfit and it makes a man look very stylish.

Looking good in a scarf doesnt have to be hard. Image from
Looking good in a scarf doesnt have to be hard. Image from

The city slicker/Parisian knot

This is a very popular way of tying a scarf and if you own a scarf you have done it more than once. It does not look too forced and it still maintains the overall elegance of your outfit. Simply fold your scarf lengthwise and hang it on your neck. Take the two free ends and insert them in the loop that was created by the fold. It provides for a really warm style because of the layering. For this style use a medium or long scarf. Do not use a bulky scarf with this style as it will make the intersection appear to big.

The sophisticate/once around

I like to call this the no-effort scarf style. Just take your scarf and lay it on your neck. One end should be visibly longer than the other. Take the longer side and wrap it around your neck once so that you have both free ends hanging down either side of your neck. This can be used when you do not feel so cold so it works best when it’s slightly warm.

The toss

This one resembles the once around. Just take your scarf and lay it on your neck. One end should be visibly longer than the other. But instead of wrapping the longer end around your neck, you just toss it so it hangs over your opposite shoulder. This style works with or without a blazer. The toss comes out nicely with a medium length scarf.

The weekender/twice around
This is a very casual style and goes very well with casual clothes like a fitting t-shirt and jeans. Starting from one end loosely wrap the scarf around your neck and tuck it in to secure it. It should look like a ring at the end of the styling. Fluff it if you want to get more volume. Works best with a long scarf. This will be your best friend if you are in an area that is very cold for example Limuru and other highland areas.

Classic drape

This is a very easy style and requires zero effort. Just wear the scarf over your neck. The ends of the scarf should hang down straight over your chest. It can be combined with a blazer so as to slightly show along the neckline. This style is mainly for fashion, not for keeping warm. This style works with a short or medium length scarf.

Fake knot
Hang the scarf over your neck with one of the ends twice as long as the other. Using the long end, tie a knot. Take the shorter end and squeeze it into the knot. Align it properly so it looks like a tie and you are ready to go. This style is better worn with a blazer. Works best with a medium or long scarf.



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