How blogs benefit the entertainment industry

10 outstanding entertainment blogs in Kenya. Image from

Yet another eagerly awaited furahiday is here with us. Where do you get that vital information on what hot or not? Do you quickly rush for a Google answer like I do? Most of you will agree to this. The internet has opened up a world of instantly accessible information to many of us. From fashion and beauty trends to recipes, movies, books, restaurant reviews, and even themed club events.

This information comes in various shapes and sizes, be it in the form of written content, photographs, graphics, audio files and video clips, all found in official, commercial websites or even personal and customized blog pages. The choice is yours.

While websites have been in use for quite some time, and are considered more formal, blogs are the in thing. Blogs and websites work in very different ways, serve very different purposes and produce different results.

A blog is considered as a web page, typically run by an individual or small group of people who interact with the audience, its content is updated regularly, and is written in an informal or conversational style, blogs often try to be informative and educational as well.

We live in an age where businesses must have a robust online presence to remain relevant to the masses who are fast becoming tech savvy.

The entertainment industry for instance targets a market which is mainly found on social media. Therefore, players in this field must regularly update their audiences with the latest information on trends and events. And what better platform to do this than in the blogosphere? is proud to be one of the highly visited blogs in Kenya. Based on various criteria such as global rankings and local popularity scores, Buzz Kenya recently released a list of Top 10 Outstanding Entertainment Blogs in Kenya, in which we are proud to rank 7th.

This goes to show just how important it is for every player in the entertainment industry to partner with blogs or even run their own blogs alongside their own websites. Here’s a few more pointers on how blogs support the entertainment industry;

1. Low costs – Blogs are relatively cheaper to set up and maintain thus lowering the cost of advertising on them as compared to mainstream media.

2. Trendy – Blogs are consistently updated with fresh and relevant content which attracts and retains large audiences.

3. Increases visibility – Blogs heavily rely on the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to reach wider audiences thus increasing traffic to the page and ensuring the page regularly tops on the every search list.

4. Social media support – Every content published on a blog can be publicized on every available social media platform to reach a wider audience, thus increasing visibility and facilitating valuable discussions with various people.

5. Brings your brand to life – Blogs carry content that is relevant to everyday life experiences and so many people are able to relate to the content and desire to interact even more with the brands discussed.

6. Builds authority – Content carried on blogs is not designed to hard sell, thus it provides a different dimension in a simplified manner. This creates a niche, and often attracts varied types of audiences who consider the blog credible because discussions can facilitate this.

7. Improves brand loyalty – Audiences who follow a blog religiously often similarly follow the brands discussed or advertised on it. When the audiences consider your brand to be a good one, they will also share the information to their networks thus building a larger web of loyal followers.

10 outstanding entertainment blogs in Kenya. Image from
10 outstanding entertainment blogs in Kenya. Image from
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