7 reasons why you should attend the #GreatTalks2015


“Great conversations are done while people are seated” This is an African saying I once learnt in an art class. Some communities would purposely construct a structure with a very low rooftop to serve as a sort of meeting venue or local court. This was done to ensure people remain calm and seated while meeting to discuss important issues, if one stood up in anger, they would get a painful bump to cool them down.

While this may not be applied as much anymore, people still gather in meetings of various types to share ideas, learn new things, discuss matters and make decisions.

Kenya has had its share of important meetings of people who share common causes. This is further appreciated by an outstanding architectural monument that graces the Nairobi skyline: The Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC), which is managed specifically for conventions all year round.

On November 7 this year, the KICC plenary hall will play host to yet another important gathering of people who bear the common cause of fueling entrepreneurs. Dubbed the #GreatTalks2015, this event will be a gathering of Kenya’s influencers who seek to forge partnerships, start businesses, create solutions and take actions to make the world a better place and by starting in Kenya’s Vibrant entrepreneurs ecosystem.

great talks

This talk, which is running for a second time, will create a space where participants will receive practical advice, feasible solutions and innovative ideas on how to fund, launch and grow their business from veteran entrepreneurs.

Every player in the entrepreneurial world, new and old, must save the date and plan to attend this insightful forum. Here’s a few reasons why;

1. This shall be a free platform to network with other player in the industry and asses developments in the ever changing market.

2. The forum will bring together key players and veterans in the business world such as Mr. Danson Muchemi, the CEO of Jambo Pay and others who have a well of wisdom to tap into at no cost.

3. You will get to learn ways of creating connections that will last not just during the event but beyond.

4. You will have the perfect opportunity to share your business plans to mentors who have walked the path and can advise you.

5. Lots of inspiration will be achieved through the stories of successful entrepreneurs such as Hilda Moraa of Weza Tele and Suzie Wokabi of Suzie Beauty products.

6. You will get to gain insights from a series of moderated discussions by the panel of successful entrepreneurs and a talk by a renowned global business speaker, Vusi Thembekwayo.

7. Attendees will be empowered through UAP Old Mutual presentation on wealth creation.

Sign up right now before time runs out. Visit www.greattalks.co.ke to register. Registration is free but there are only limited spots available so make sure you book yours today.

You can also follow the conversation on twitter by following the hashtag #GreatTalks2015. You can also follow UAP on twitter for updates on what’s going on at .

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