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Nigeria is a country situated in the western coastal region of the African continent. The country is rich in natural beauty like, long blue beaches, rivers and lakes, forests, breath-taking views of the waterfalls and soothing environment. The natural beauty is a main factor behind the up- gradation of Nigeria tourism. Nigeria has a wide range of tourist activities to offer. It is a coastal country and the main attraction for the tourists is the long beaches and the marine activities. Apart from this, the other attractions are the historical monuments, exciting trips to the tropical forests, exploring the wildlife, art and culture and the lifestyle of the country. Kenyans have watched enough Nigerian movies to pick up on some of the slang but here is a lesson on language and slang you can use when you visit.

Karuja Castle in Nigeria. Image from //
Karuja Castle in Nigeria. Image from

Nigerian Language and Slang Nigeria is huge, and it would be a disservice to say that we can cover all the fantastic sites in one article; however the following destinations prove Nigeria’s diversity.

1. Watch wildlife and unwind in warm springs.

Yankari National Park has become the most developed Wildlife Park in Nigeria with a lot of attractions for visitors. It is located in the east of the country, is a particularly good spot for bird-watching. Animals that can be viewed here include elephants, crocodiles and monkeys. The park has accommodation, restaurants and a swimming pool – though visitors keen on bathing should head instead to the Wikki Warm Spring. Another good option is the Ikogosi Warm Spring which is a natural wonder. Warm water spring flows side by side with a cold spring. The spot where the two springs merge is a distinctive attraction. The resort situated around the warm spring has various accommodation and recreational facilities suitable for family vacation.

2. Hike up the Shere or 640 steps?

The Shere Hills offer some of the West Africa’s best hiking. Lace up your boots and trail up towards the high peaks of about 1,800m (5,900ft). Not all of the routes are marked, and you may want to take a guide with you in case you lose your way. The views are spectacular.

Another option would be the historic Idanre Hills which are situated in Idanre town in Ondo State. The beauty and the precise architectural design employed by nature in arranging of the hills are amazing. A total of 640 steps are required to reach the top with 5 resting spot on the way. The scenery of the green vegetation surrounding the hills and the crystal clear Arun River on the hill top visiting the hills a communion with nature as well.

3. When the water-falls.

The Owu waterfall is a spectacular waterfall situated in Owu Isin Local Government of Kwara State. The water fall tumbles down 330 feet through rocky landscape to form an ice cold water pool below. This refreshing scenery is a favourite family vacation spot. There are a range of accommodation to suit any taste and budget. Another option with a story says local legend has it that the seven Olumirin Falls descend from a huge pot of water at the top of the cliff. Indeed, these falls close to Akure are supposedly bestowed with all kinds of magical powers. They also represent a feat of strength, for travellers fit and cautious enough to climb to the top, the views are magnificent.

4. Night or day at the Museum!

Uncover Nigeria’s ancient past. The National Museum at Onikan on Lagos Island houses numerous exhibits of Nigeria’s ancient civilisations and has a craft centre, which sells examples of Nigerian craft at fixed prices. There’s a nice collection of Nigerian art inside the exhibition halls. Though sadly cameras are not allowed inside, which only goes to show how much you should visit so that you can see the pieces first hand. The Benin City National Museum, another brilliant option for the hungry mind, has on exhibition an array of artefacts related to the Benin Empire like terracotta, bronze figures and cast iron pieces. It is a nice place to visit on family vacation as the kids will learn a lot about the famous Benin Empire.

5. Enjoy the brilliant, bustling City.

Whether it draws visitors for business or pleasure, Lagos remains the most populous city in Nigeria, the second fastest-growing city in Africa and the seventh in the world. As the largest metropolitan area in Africa, Lagos has something to suit every traveller—from its tourist attractions, world-class entertainment and active nightlife to the fancy hotels—there are no limitations to what you can enjoy in Lagos. Many visitors venture into Lagos only to leave their hearts filled to the brim with memories of tasty restaurants, lively bars, active music scene, beaches, and colourful neighbourhoods.

Modern Benin City is also a rapidly developing metropolis, but there are a few reminders of its long Yoruba history. The old city’s moat and wall survive in places, and the National Museum houses an interesting collection of Benin royal art. The Oba’s Palace is worth visiting, although permission needs to be obtained in Lagos.

6. Cool down in Calabar.

Calabar is a pleasant town in a beautiful setting, high on a hill above the Calabar River. It has a Mediterranean feel, with its whitewashed houses, clean(ish) streets and slightly cool climate. Don’t miss the giant cast iron hand sculptures in the park outside the slave museum; shacked but cut at the wrist, they represent breaking free from the past.

7. Tour the Tourist Villages.

Situated on the outer edge of Onitsha market town in Anambra State, is found Rojenny Village. As one of the leading tourist resorts in Nigeria, Rojenny Tourist Village is a wonderful place for family vacation. It features an amusement park, sporting and recreational facilities and much more.

8. Recreational Ranch?

Obudu Cattle Ranch is located in Cross River Slate towards the Nigeria-Cameroon border in the South-East. The Ranch is over 1,524m, has temperate weather condition to ensure green vegetation and grazing of cattle round the year. The Ranch is a tourist delight as a result of its divergent attractions. There are a natural swimming pool, horse riding, beautiful waterfall to behold, gorilla camp, bird watching, sporting facilities and accommodation.

9. Port Harcourt Tourist Beach.

The Port Harcourt Tourist Beach is a scenic stretch of sandy landscape side by side with a beautiful water body. It is an amazing spot for picnic and family vacation. The live performances of Cultural entertainers add to the fun and the resort offers sunbathing sites, restaurants and accommodation for all classes.

Akodo Beach in Nigeria. Image from //
Akodo Beach in Nigeria. Image from

10. Abuja-oh!

It should hardly be a surprise that Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, made the list of most popular cities in Nigeria. Although the political unrest seems to be hurting tourism in the area, in any season, and for any reason, Abuja has it all—world class restaurants, lively clubs, Aso Rock, other jaw-dropping tourist attractions, and shopping!

11. Beach Please!

Tarkwa Bay located along the harbor of Lagos is a sheltered beach that can be accessed by boat from either Maroko or under Falomo Bridge on Victoria Island. It offers safe swimming conditions for small children and other recreational water sports.

Maiyegun beach is situated in Oti OSA Local Government Area of Lagos State. It is well known for hosting the famous Lekki Sun splash Musical Concert. The beach is a great vacation destination, where you can enjoy the sun and have a picnic with your family while gazing at the beautiful water views. Eleko Beach is a beautiful, serene and tranquil public beach along the peninsula. It is one of the best beaches for family hangout in Lagos. There are nice beach huts and food joints along the seashore. Eleko beach is lauded for its beautiful landscape, sun-dappled water and sands. The beach is family-friendly.

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