OLX has revamped their app and installed new security features


OLX is the place where buyers meet sellers and it uses an app that is free and easy to use. The OLX app is being used in more than 100 countries worldwide and is available in 50 languages. With such a rating, some things had to change so as to retain current users and entice new users. The old OLX app is not working anymore. This is because they released a new app that is better and more user friendly than the previous one. You will have to delete the old app and install the new app.

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There are various changes that have been made mainly in the security realm. Considering that OLX uses the face to face pick up of the good, a lot of stringent measures had to be put in place. There is a block and a report button. The block button is used when you want to block stubborn buyers or sellers from sending emails without permission. The report button works similar to the social media report buttons and has various choices. You can report a person because of the following four reasons:-

1. Spam
2. Wrong Category
3. Other policy violation
4. Ad is out of Date

When it comes to signing up, you will have a link sent to your email address that you will have to click to enable your account. This prevents people from using fake emails to register. Also when you want to post an item, your email address will be required and a link will be sent to your email address just to make sure the advert comes from an authentic person.

When it comes to the photos you post for the item you intend to sell, they are now watermarked. You will be able to see an OLX icon on the bottom-left side of the image. This is to prevent another seller from using your photo even though they are selling identical items. This will reduce the level of suspicion when it comes to the goods online.

Another added feature is chat. This chat comes with the application and it enables logged in buyers and sellers to easily communicate with each other. If the person you are chatting with is not online at that time, it will open your messenger on your phone and you can send a regular text message to them.

The OLX team support is readily available if you need help with the photos uploaded. They will help you get the best resolution images as the thumbnail of your item and will also help in spell checking your description of your item to make sure it is accurate.

When it comes to user friendliness the maneuvering through the app has been made easier. The menu icon can be found on the top left corner (the four horizontal lines). When clicked it will open a panel that has four sections: browse ads, categories, chats and favorites.

On the My Account feature, a user will find three tabs: Ads, Messages and Settings. Under settings you have a variety of options. You can change contact details, password and email address. You can also configure how you get email notification and you can delete your OLX account.

All in all the application has been made simpler and has an assortment of new features that new users and old users will both like. The chat makes it really easy to communicate and the navigation is also very user friendly. The new application can be found on http://www.olx.co.ke/ and the various mobile App stores.

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