The Mindy Project: 6 reasons why you need to watch this series


There are days when life just gets hard. You know the biting your tongue, clenching your teeth, screaming into a pillow frustration? Yes that kind of hard. On those days sometimes the only thing you can do to help yourself is forget about everything in life for a little while and just barricade yourself in a story line.

This is why I love my series! Sometimes life gets so busy that you don’t get the time to sit down and watch anything but whatever the case it is good to have an emergency movie or series lying around for those days when you need it. My biggest one right now is “The Mindy Project.” It  is a relatively new series that will make you giggle and empower you all at once.

It is basically a chick flick comedy series based on the life of Gynecologist Dr. Mindy Lahiri, a thirty-something year old, second generation Indian American. The series navigates through Mindy’s life with hilarious experiences when it comes to balancing her dating life, work life, social life, and the fear of growing old alone.

The Mindy project. Image from //
The Mindy project. Image from

Here are five reasons why it is a must watch for you too.

1. The Mindy Project is relatable. The things that Mindy faces in everyday life are things that literally would remind you of your own life. When it comes to guys and how sweet they can be, but also how much of a jerk they can be. She is also a working woman, trying to figure out why her personal life isn’t as her professional one.

2. The Mindy Project is Hilarious. This series contains plenty of those laugh out loud moments that make us relax. If you are not the laugh at loud ‘type’ it will at least make you randomly smile as you think back on funny moments. Mindy tackles through her every day issues with a sense of humor and wit. She constantly makes references to pop culture and never admits to being a day over twenty five. She is constantly talking about how skinny she is even though at one point she was diagnosed as being obese, *though I think that may have been an exaggeration.* whatever the case it doesn’t stop her from eating everything and anything in sight, and constantly indirectly referring to working out as an evil plague sent to man.

3. The Mindy Project is Charming and Innocent. Let me be honest for a moment in this day and age sex is constantly being thrown into almost every movie, killing the creative charm. This is just what I think but it seems like when creative producers run out of ideas they just add a sex scene and it’s all good. What I love about the Mindy Project is that there is an actual interesting story line. It has heart, personality, and character.

4. The Mindy Project is Empowering. This is my favorite part to talk about. I have started kind of looking up to Mindy Kaling because of her role on this show. She teaches females to be confident in your own skin. Like I mentioned earlier, she isn’t petite but her fashion sense is on point. She rocks her body, and continuously comments about how hot she knows she is. She is confident, and shows it because she knows it. Next, she says the most embarrassing things but is never embarrassed about it. She is not afraid to speak up and say what is on her mind. This is something we as women struggle with because we have a slight mentality that what we have to say isn’t as important as the other person in the room. Mindy also shows the ability and grace we have been given to be superwomen. She is successful as an ob-gyn and goes after what she wants, even opening up her own clinic at some point. This, proving the theory that we can’t make it as a happy, successful working woman wrong.

5. The Mindy Project shows how to navigate relationships. I won’t spoil it for you because after reading this post you better go and buy it! But I had mentioned before that Mindy goes through a number of frogs in the series before she finds her prince who was there all along. Each is a tale to tell though, and each relationship realistically unfolds from a ‘so in love phase’ to a ‘what did I even see in you?’ phase. Each relationship also teaches Mindy a few things and helps her grow as a person which is exactly the same thing in real life.

6. The Mindy Project teaches you to eat the chocolate cake! This series is a good way to live life. We easily forget how short life is, thinking that we have forever in front of us, but that needs to change. I personally am learning through thinking ‘what would Mindy do in this situation?” that it is okay to be stupid sometimes, say silly things, eat the chocolate cake that is God-knows how many calories, make mistakes, and live life fully.

Series details…

TV Network: FOX
Premiere Date: Sep 25, 2012
Genre: Comedy
Executive Producers: Mindy Kaling, Howard Klein, Matt Warburton, Michael Spiller, Jack Burditt

Seasons: 1-3 *complete*
4 *current work in progress*

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