Travel And Health: Why you should pack your bags and head down to the beach


Reasons why the ocean is beneficial to your health

My recess was brilliant! I don’t want to rub it in your face but, I will anyway. A few friends and I went to and stayed four nights at a discounted hostel called Tulia in North Coast. It wasn’t a five star hotel in Diani, but it was fabulous more because of the company than the venue.

We stayed five minutes away from the beach and for almost every morning those who had the stamina would wake up early to go and watch the sun rising from the deep bluish-green sea. It was a struggle but it was worth this bleary eyed soul’s effort. Literally, every morning we went, it took my breath away all over again. Five top reasons why you include a place with the sea in your annual holiday.

1. The ocean is Mentally Beneficial.

Studies have proven that the beach actually relaxes you and opens you up mentally. When we’re lying on the beach, the heat of the sun affects our endocrine system – the part of our body which secretes endorphins – the natural chemicals in our body designed to make us feel relaxed and less stressed.

Do you know that feeling of relaxation that overcomes your body when dig your toes in the sand? It’s not in your head. “The ocean has been proven to inspire creative thinking, reduce anxiety, and promote compassionate thinking.” Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, scientist and author of “Blue directly said.

2. Great sleep

If you’ve ever wondered why we always sleep more soundly after spending the day on the beach, it’s because of the sea air. Sea air is charged with healthy negative ions that accelerate our ability to absorb oxygen. Negative ions also balance levels of serotonin, a body chemical linked with mood and stress. This is why after a holiday you feel more alert, relaxed and energised.

3. The seaside makes you more physically active.

Living by the beach encourages physical activity, ultimately leading to a healthier lifestyle, the Exeter, one such study indicated. Why are people more active at the shore? The coastal paths and beaches encourage outdoor activity, Dr. Michael White, the lead research on the Exeter study said.

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4. A natural healing medicine.

There is no greater healer than salt water. Swimming in the ocean enhances the immune system, hydrates skin, and boosts circulation. Seawater that is rich in magnesium also has been shown to relax muscles and helps induce sleep. And with swimming one of the greatest forms of exercise, you’re better off paddling around the ocean than in the pool.

5. Emotional and Spiritual Benefits.

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Last but not least is the effect that the seaside life has on how you feel. Personally, the beach is a place of rest for me. This is why I was willing to wake up at five a.m. to go and watch the sunrise. It’s a place where I feel God’s presence in this jaw-dropping, awe-inducing creation. It is a place that reminds me to fall in love with my country all over again because this is Kenya. It is a place whose memory shows me the wander and excitement of life, when the every-day threatens to become mundane and dull.

You can find a few of these and more incredible benefits of experiencing the ocean at Daily Mail U.K.

*Pictures taken of our experience there by my good friend Kegode who you can find on Instagram here: *

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