Recipes: Making Granola at home


This is the most simple, three ingredient, 15 minute recipe! It’s a make it yourself, at home recipe yet it’s as good as any store bought muesli or granola and probably healthier! It’s my mom’s actually and she let me graciously share it with you, so please take advantage of it!

Okay let’s get into it…

Granola. Image from


One kilogram of any type of oatmeal
500 grams of Bran flakes
A tin of honey

*That’s it! All you need to make roughly enough granola for a family of four for about two weeks. If you live by yourself it can even last longer.

1. Heat up a frying pan on your cooker and add the oats. Give them about five minutes to crisp up a little bit.
granola 1
2. Add the bran flakes and mix them around with a wooden spoon. Give the mixture five more minutes then switch it off.

3. Drizzle the honey into the pan, as you stir the ingredients together. The amount of honey you put is up to you, though it shouldn’t be too sweet. We used about half the tin.

granola 2

granola 3

4. Add toppings of your choice. We added cashew nuts. You can also add raisins, or peanuts, fruits, go crazy here and be adventurous or just keep it simple.granola 5


The final Result

granola 6
Yummy! Believe me I could survive on this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a bowl of milk every day all day!

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