The she in the scandal – Looking at Bro Ocholla and DJ Creme

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DJ Crème and Bro Ocholla are two men have broken the internet in the past two weeks. Based on our personalities or jobs, we have reacted differently. Some have ranted, or made all sorts of jokes, or ceased the moment to market various products and services, and others have sympathized and interceded in prayer for the two and the society at large.

Enough has been said and I shall not focus on the two as such, however, I’d like to shift perspective to the women at the center of these scandals, Halima Nassir and Bro Ocholla’s woman.

These two ladies may not have expected things to go down so fast, so furiously, and if they are currently living a ‘non socialite’ life, they will suddenly find themselves exposed in an unfamiliar, unforgiving and extremely hostile zone.

Women over the years have sometimes been the major cause of, and an important factor in, some very famous sex scandals that have left us intrigued.

The saddening bit is that women have faced a harsher criticism while their counterparts have been glorified. Remember the Lewinsky saga, well years later, Monica still receives hate mail and nasty tongue lashing from people wherever she goes while Mr. Clinton remains a celebrated darling who can confidently show up in public gatherings without a problem.

Sad black woman. Image from
Sad black woman. Image from

Also, various people have commented in positive light to DJ Crème’s and Bro Ocholla’s actions such as ‘Team Mafisi’ giving them honorary mentions. While this may be with a light touch the essence still remains that the men are lauded for such actions and at times it is even expected of them.

Clearly, it is still a man’s world and women still have to work extra hard, be more careful and very strategic to stand out as successful and dignified ladies.

Truth be told, every one of us, especially in our youth, enjoys that unconventional cheeky moment and the thrill of not getting caught, so we do crazy things which we may consider so cool at the time until we have to face the fire! Things happen, bad things, because we don’t have the power to undo or erase life’s script. People stop being friends and fleeting moments of shameless passion become painful thorns in the butt when our past actions come to haunt us later if discovered by malicious people or the evidence falls in the wrong hands.

Females are still punished more harshly than men for misbehavior, this is why it is important for the young women to understand the importance of safeguarding their dignity and being close to people who value and protect their honor, because when all is stripped away, this is what remains for a woman.

So unless you are a femme fatale in business or have aspirations of becoming a socialite, always listen to your sixth sense before engaging in a conversation that may paint you in bad light, or sharing a nude pic of yourself, or agreeing to be part of a sex tape because you will not always live in the thrill of that moment.

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