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This past weekend was way more interesting than I originally thought it would be. I got the chance to attend the BAKE Digital camp and be inspired by incredibly fascinating people who have set out to achieve and make it in the world of online entrepreneurship. They are people I respect greatly because against the odds, they are where Africa, fifty years ago would not have been able to comprehend possible…

I can’t possibly share the amount of wisdom and advice we were given at the Bloggers A which is why, as it is becoming an annual event, next year you must make it a point to attend. I missed out on the morning sessions so I didn’t get to listen to Caroline Mutoko and the session on copyright.

digital camp

Here are a few little nuggets of wisdom and knowledge I picked up from some of the speakers.

“A good writer writes even when they don’t feel like writing.” Jackson Bicko from Bikozulu. I feel like this applies to so many other areas as well though. In your life, anyone can do what you do; the difference in becoming good at it is when you do it even when you don’t feel like doing it.

“If you have a brilliant idea, chances are thousands of people across the globe have already thought about the idea, the difference comes at implementing it.” Mikul Shah, CEO of Eat Out Kenya.

“Tell an amazing story. Keep it clear. Get Creative. Find a target audience.” Zawadi Nyong’o shared this when she was talking about the importance of crowdfunding and I thought it was brilliant advice whenever you have a product or idea that you want to share.

“Leave a digital footprint.” Philip Ogola shared on the importance of using your presence and impact on social media to inspire and change people’s lives. It was a check your life moment to realize that you are the change you leave behind. Use your voice for good to share people’s stories and make a difference. A good example of the impact it can leave was the #1milli4Jadudi campaign that was a huge success.

Kentice Tikolo. Lead consultant at Impact Africa, shared that strategic P.R Planning and communication is not only important, but necessary for success. Whatever your idea, goal, or product always look at your
1. Output- what you are putting out into the world.
2. Outcome- what results you expect to see immediately on a short term basis from what you put out.
3. Impact- the long term results that you aim to achieve from your efforts”

Mark Kaigwa spoke last but was not any less enthusiastic as he avidly explained the importance of creating value. “The question is not how much money I will make, but rather how can I create value.” Having a product or idea that creates value will turn the tables and get you closer to achieving your potential.

This leads me to the last point, which also came from a fireside discussion with Mikul Shah. “You can’t do it alone, always have a team.” Everyone who has been successful at anything had to rely on someone else at some point in their history. It is incredibly important to surround yourself with people who will encourage in your struggle and celebrate in your success.

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  1. You are the change you leave behind.Very powerful statement on the digital footprint.Thank you for summing this up Rayhab.

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