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Men are hardy creatures. They take life’s challenges by the balls and have no time for pity parties and emotional roller coasters. Men bear so much weight on their shoulders and even when in excruciating pain or facing heart rending loss, they still wear a tough face and walk strong to continue protecting and providing for their loved ones. We all have these men in our lives, who we love and appreciate dearly, but we often don’t pay as much attention to the health issues which men face as compared to women’s health concerns.

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From a tender age boys are taught to hold back their tears and to brush off small pains. This stigma forces the grown men to become anti-hospitals that a majority will only see a doctor during serious, life threatening emergencies. Such a mindset is harmful to one’s health because problems which are often easy to diagnose and treat upon early detection end up prematurely snuffing the life out of a young productive chap.

While it is important to acknowledge men’s health issues all year round, it is particularly mandatory to raise more awareness and discuss this matter every November in line with the ‘Movember’ spirit. Also known as ‘No-Shave November’, this is an annual event involving the growing of moustaches and beards during the month of November to raise awareness of men’s health issues

Moustaches were all the rage and a sex symbol in the 80’s, and while they are not as popular these days, a well-kept and stylish moustache still remain a perfect conversation starter because people will always want to know the reason behind the moustache. It can be referred to as the man’s Pink ribbon.

In 2003, two Australian friends who wanted to bring back the moustache vogue, challenged their friends to start clean shaven and grow out their facial hair for a full month. A year later, the joke coined in a pub had attracted nearly 500 followers and developed into a charity which has since been running Movember events to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues.

According to The Movember Foundation, some of the biggest health issues faced by men include;

• Prostate cancer
• Testicular cancer
• Poor mental health
• Physical inactivity

So if you see men walking around in overgrown moustaches and beards by the end of this month, don’t sneer at them as if they are unkempt, instead get inspired to join the cause by sharing your moustache pics on social media and stirring discussions about men’s health issues that will encourage other men to go for checkups and donate funds for research and treatment.

If you haven’t the slightest idea on beards 101, check out this video for some interesting ways of styling your facial hair; Mustache Guide from A to Z.

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