Mad About Movies: James Bond Spectre Review

The new James Bond Spectre

Guns blazing, heart racing, and ride or die! Everything that is encompassed into the crazy action packed filled James Bond movie sequence returns again to our cinemas. Each new James Bond movie arrives like a cinematic tsunami. You know it’s coming, and that it’s completely unstoppable. If all the critics in the world decided that Spectre was rubbish it would make very little impression on the box office. A Bond film, regardless of its merits and demerits, is a ‘Must See’.

The new James Bond Spectre
The new James Bond Spectre

The new James Bond movie has everything that is expected from the James Bond franchise. As I mentioned before, I am a mega spy movie fan although that interest developed over recent years so I never got the chance to watch all the twenty three James Bond films preceding this one. I do realize, however that they have left their mark on history.

Spectre, Bond’s latest film, this story finds Bond going rogue on the trail of a mysterious villain. He has been set on this course by a video message from the old M (Judi Dench) that has been sent on posthumously. It makes one think for a minute that the sensitive, haunted Bond of Skyfall might be back for another round. This impression though is soon dispelled. In Spectre we meet Bond at his most cocksure and cynical.

Spectre James Bond 007 – New Long Spectre Trailer HD

The clever part of the story is that it picks up on two potent forms of public paranoia: the idea of a secret organisation dedicated to bringing about a New World Order, and the dread of a world in which everyone’s smallest movements will be subject to government surveillance. The movie will play on the nerves of every conspiracy theorist who views the modern state as no more than a façade in the making.

The story line is a little cliché to be honest and it is not a movie that left me in awe but some creative ideas were definitely put into it. Watching the movie is definitely a recommended way to relax. The suspense in some scenes is also killer good. The dialogue was quirky and interesting. My personal favourite lines in the movie were a back and forth conversation that Bond had during his confrontation towards the end. He was asked what he was doing there and Bond replied,

“I came here to kill you.” The other man replied with a cynical smile,

“Oh, I thought you came here to die.” James didn’t blink for a second before responding with, “it is a matter of perspective.”

Rating: PG-13 (for intense sequences of action and violence, some disturbing images, sensuality and language)

Genre: Action & Adventure

Directed By: Sam Mendes

Written By: Ian Fleming, John Logan, Neal Purvis, Robert Wade

Runtime: 2 hr. 30 min.

I watched the James Bond Spectre at IMAX which was brilliant.

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