Dîner en Blanc is coming to Nairobi. Get your white outfits ready!

Diner En Blanc Kigali. Image from http://www.igihe.com/imyidagaduro/ibirori/article/byari-ibyishimo-ku-magana-y

Get you white outfits ready and table set ideas running, the Dîner en Blanc is coming to Nairobi. The event is scheduled for the 5th of December 2015. It will be held in one of the city’s public spaces, I do not know where because this will be communicated to the attendees at the last minute. The Dîner en Blanc aims to promote friend ship and elegance so bring your friends and have a good time together.

The event started in Paris in 1988 and it had 200 guests. 20 years later, it brought in 9000 guests. The first Dîner en Blanc in Montreal Canada had over 1200 guests. It has been to more than 80 cities. This shows how popular and successful this event has been thus far.

“We felt that Nairobi was primed for such a dazzling event as the city has always prided itself in enjoying fine living” says LeAnne Peris, co-host of the Dîner en Blanc-Nairobi. “We pride ourselves in being elegant beings; we need to channel elegance on the day.”


Diner En Blanc Kigali. Image from //www.igihe.com/imyidagaduro/ibirori/article/byari-ibyishimo-ku-magana-y
Diner En Blanc Kigali. Image from http://www.igihe.com/imyidagaduro/ibirori/article/byari-ibyishimo-ku-magana-y

In almost every event you attend you become a passive member, for this event you will be an active participant. You will set your own table, bring your own food and make conversations with people on your table. In Paris they once told each participant to move one chair to the left. This helped people make new friends and also have a taste of what they brought. Sharing is one of the core values the original Parisian concept upholds.

There is an option to pre-order food which can be picked up at the site. If you wish to do so you must reserve it online through Le Dîner en Blanc website during the initial ticket registration. You can also buy champagne and hire the cutlery for utilization on that day.

Tickets go for KSh. 3500 and Ksh. 525 will be used to make you a member of Le Dîner en Blanc society. There are no VIPs and reserved areas for specific people. Everyone here is considered an equal and will sit together at the same area.

Rules and regulations

• Guests must be of legal drinking age.
• Invitation is for 2 people.
• Guest presence is necessary and mandatory regardless of the weather.
• The seating plan is symmetrical; men all on one side and women on the other with the preferential view.


• Dress code must be all white and elegant
• Dîner en Blanc is a rain or shine event. In case of rain carry a white or transparent raincoat, poncho or umbrella
• Accessories must be white! Metallic is accepted but no other colors allowed.
• NO T-shirts, colourful sport shoes, baseball caps, shorts

Must bring items

• White bag or Picnic basket (or covered with a white fabric) containing gourmet food.
• White, gold or silver tablecloth and cloth Napkins
• White dinner and dessert plates (non-disposable)
• Cutlery
• Glasses
• 1 complete gourmet meal for two
• 1 bottle of water or non-alcoholic beverages
• Wine and champagne only. Beer and hard alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

NB: All guests are required to carry their rubbish with them. It is an elegant affair not a litter and dash.

History of Le Dîner en Blanc

It was launched 27 years ago by Francois Pasquier and his friends in Paris France. He returned to Paris after a long time away and he wanted to meet with friends. A lot of his friends wanted to come and so he had them wear white so he could recognize them. The friends also had to come with a friend too. That evening was such a hit that guests wanted more friends to join the following year. That is how it was born.

To get more information you can visit their various sites

Facebook : Dîner en Blanc

Twitter : @Dîner en Blanc

Youtube : Le Dîner en Blanc

Website: http://nairobi.dinerenblanc.info/

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