Darling EA has launched a new relaxer ALIYANA for Kenyan hair


Bad hair day, relationships and money in that order. These are some of the things that a woman has to contend with at a certain point in her life. Bad hair days always top the list. There is a special attention given to a woman’s hair. Whether long or short, there is much that goes into making it look presentable in the eyes of people. In turn, it plays a major role in how a woman feels about herself. Debate on how hair should be keeps raging on. Women who consider weaves have received unimaginable bashing from both men and women. Those who feel offended by the terse remarks made about weaves get rid of them but there are those who don’t listen to whatever is said about their preferred hairstyle. There is no limit to the ways a woman can choose to style her hair. That explains why salons are thronged by women especially over the weekends to have their hair styled in the latest trend or better still, be the trend setters in the fashion world.

Lately, there has been a perception among Kenyan women that straight and dark hair is attractive, easy to manage and more beautiful than the naturally curly hair which is increasingly perceived as difficult to manage. This is according to the 2015 Hair Care in Kenya Euromonitor report. This perception has led to an increase in the number of women who prefer weaves and are willing to pay even more for some of the most expensive Brazilian, Peruvian and other types of weaves, only to get rid of them after a short while due to the trouble they go through trying to maintain that style.

To add onto the trouble of caring for weaves, there is that problem of using relaxers which are not customized for the type of hair that women have. This has resulted in numerous hair concerns such as hair loss and burnt scalp. These relaxers do not have a combination of ingredients that cater to the different needs of the women.

To address this problem faced by women in East Africa, particularly in Kenya, Darling, East Africa leading hair product manufacturer, earlier on this week launched its first range of hair relaxer products known as Aliyana. According to Mr. Deepak Varanasi, Business head at Cham Industries which manufactures Aliyana, entry of this product in the market was based on a market need for a customized African hair relaxer. The Aliyana relaxers have been formulated to cater for Kenyan women based on the climatic conditions of the regions they live in. The product’s availability and affordability only adds onto the consumer benefits.

This Aliyana relaxer promises to a real game changer in terms of the range of hair products available. It is time to change the narrative of the African hair by trying the various relaxers available. There is the Enrich series with keratin protein and Shine series with olive extracts. The Enrich series is best for damaged and dry hair while the Shine series is meant to cater for medium and dull hair, or normal to dry scalp or cold and dry weather.

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