Samsung Gear S2 launched in Kenya


Samsung Gear S2
There seems to be no end in terms of innovation at Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. With transformative ideas, Samsung has redefined the worlds of TVs, Smart phones, wearable devices, tablets, cameras, digital appliances etc. Every three or so months, a new product from Samsung is launched and this explains why the company hits annual sales of US $196 billion and has a presence in 84 countries. Since 2013, the company has excelled in the wearable technology and today, Thursday 3rd December 2015, announced the next evolution of the aforementioned technology – The Samsung Gear S2 smart watch.

Samsung Gear S2
The device has the feel of a classical watch but has been designed in a way to provide the customer with a sophisticated look. There are two versions of the device that was introduced in the Kenyan market on Thursday, the sport version which has been made for the active individual and the classic version for those who prefer the timeless look. The sport version comes in two colours-charcoal grey and white while the classic version comes in black colour. If consider buying the device, you will have to part with 35, 000 for the classic version and 32,000 for the sport version but you will stand to enjoy the following features.

Making and receiving calls

This device will make it possible for the user to receive calls hands free. For those who are afraid of making calls in the streets of Nairobi for fear of it being stolen, this device has targeted you. The user is able to receive calls without having to touch their phones. In addition, the user can make calls from the device. Since it has a QWERTY keypad, it makes it possible to even write messages and update posts on social media. When your phone is away from you, don’t fret. If you have paired the device to your phone, it is possible to receive notifications from there.

Full circular screen

Other smart watches are screen activated and inevitably blocked by fingers. The Samsung Gear S2 has a rotating bezel that allows users to view content on the screen without any physical obstruction. This makes it possible for one to browse through their notifications, messages, pictures etc with ease. This was the centre of the Gear S2’s simple but practical design.


In the modern world, health is of utmost importance and this has necessitated firms to adopt technologies that promote healthy lifestyles. Fitness enthusiasts are able to automatically record their heart rates and other physical activity levels. This data is automatically recorded into a 24-hour activity log. Slight and involuntary activities such as heart beats and other activities that you do not bother to record or take interest in are automatically detected by the device. The collected data is meant to motivate the user exercise more and aim at leading and maintaining healthy lifestyles.

Resistance to dirt and water

The extreme sporty and active people engage in all sorts of sporting activities such as soccer, running, swimming and a host of other activities that require the sports people to get their hands dirty, literally. No one wants to spend lots of money in buying this device then throw it away because water spilled on it or dirt made it impossible to use. Samsung manufactured the device from strong stainless steel and high-strength gorilla three glass making it resistant to water and dust for a period of 13 consecutive minutes. It has also received IP68 certification for dust and water resistance.

Battery life

This device has a long battery life where it can last for 2-3 days on a single charge. It is able to sustain the charge longer with minimal use. It becomes even easier to charge as there is a wireless charging dock for this purpose.


Samsung has taken into account that there are different needs for different users and has made this device in such a way that one can customize their Samsung Gear S2s to their personal style. The device comes with a range of customizable watch faces and interchangeable wrist bands to suit the users’ unique needs. There are over 100 faces that a one can use to go with their mood.

Synchronize with other smart devices.

The Gear S2 is compatible with the all devices running on Android KitKat and above and has 1.5GB RAM. This makes it possible to pair the device with other smart devices and home appliances which can help them manage their smart homes.

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