Applications For Form One Scholarships From KCB Foundation Are Now Open!


KCPE results are out and now the hard work begins for parents whose children sat for their exams. While they wait for form one selection many parents are also running around looking for the school fees they are anticipating to pay. Poor parents will be in despair wondering how they will be able to manage the financial burden that comes with taking their children to Form One. There is hope out there as some organizations giving scholarships to needy students.

KCB Foundation is one of the organizations coming to the aid of needy students. The Foundation will be sponsoring at least 240 needy and bright pupils throughout their secondary education. KCB is already sponsoring around 800 students in secondary school. With the scholarships being offered for the students going to Form one and the students who are currently under the program, KCB will have invested KShs. 100 million on their scholarship program. 40 positions have been reserved for students with disabilities.

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The scholarships will cover tuition fees, school uniforms, learning materials and mentorship activities for the four year period.

To be eligible for the scholarships, pupils should meet the cut-off mark set for each county, come from a needy background and have qualified for admission to either a public national or county secondary school. The cut off points have been adjusted for every county so as to be fair and reflect the actual performance of the county.

The forms for application can be found at all KCB branches. Parents should attach their children’s KCPE results and the letter of admission to a national or county school for the application to be valid. Only applicants from public primary schools are eligible for the scholarships.

You can download the forms KCB Scholarship Application Form.

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