Single Lady In Nairobi: With men like these I would rather be single

Today we start a new series called single lady in Nairobi. These are the thoughts and stories of some of my friends who choose to remain anonymous. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Today I went through a blog and it listed many reasons as to why women are still single. One reason is that women get good men and leave them in the friendzone as they wait for the hot and sexy scum bag to come their way. The other reason is that, our expectations are so high up. Hmmh… I have written a piece and I would want you to tell me if my ‘expectation’ of this Nairobi man is too farfetched.

I don’t think all the men I meet were born in Nairobi, but I sure know that they picked their annoying habits from Nairobi. Be it schools, clubs or social events, Nairobi men tend to behave the same.

Ladies out on the town. Image from
Ladies out on the town. Image from

I am one of those people who love being at home and hate visiting people’s house for lunch or dinner. If anything, I will offer my house for a BBQ, a get together or some random lunch. I have come to love hosting people because I don’t think people put in the effort to serve good food in their houses… but I digress.

The today’s Nairobi man lands a woman like me. After a few dates out, we decide to take it a notch higher, and he gets an invite to my house for brunch, lunch or dinner.

Now, what surprises me is that this man will walk into my house EMPTY HANDED. Oh scratch that. He will have his phone and his power bank in his hand and the first thing he will ask is ‘uko na Wi-Fi’.

This same man will expect to eat the good food I make, drink tea, even go ahead and ask ‘uko na drink gani’. Some of us will always have a fine bottle of wine but this whisky drinking man, will drink your wine, no, drown in it. Don’t forget he will expect you to serve him and leave the plate on the table. Oh, and he will still come expecting some. Like hell!

I remember my father would always come carrying something to the house and we would run to see what it was. Sometimes he would just carry a kilo of meat and that was it.

Now I am not saying that these men should shop for the house, I am just thinking, are they expecting us to think they can even be providers in the long run?

Which man walks empty handed to anyone’s house and expects to be fed and walk away a satisfied man? Only a man in Nairobi.

Ladies, beware of such men. Serve him what he has brought. Air. Yes. Of course if you like him, tell him. Otherwise, you will be going to your wallet every time you have a date.

So dear man from Nairobi, when a woman invites you over to her house, be sure she will have prepared a meal. The least you can do is carry a bottle of wine, a bunch of flowers. Get a kilo of meat on your way there. The woman has spent a great deal of time, effort and not forgetting expense to give you an evening of food, drink and entertainment. The least you can do is thank them with an appropriate gift or cater to some of the expenses.

Why I am single in Nairobi

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