Nakumatt’s Planet Media Cinemas enters film distribution market

Movies at the Box office. Image from

Planet Media Cinemas, which is part of the Nakumatt group has announced its entry into the film distribution market. Planet Media Cinema which operates cinema halls at Prestige Plaza, Westgate mall and in Kisumu. The film distribution will mean that Planet media cinemas will avail  films to the market and also provide the marketing for new film releases. Film distribution services are locally estimated to be valued at Ksh. 18 billion annually. The films will be on digital format.

Movies at the Box office. Image from
Movies at the Box office. Image from

Planet Media Cinemas recently completed a digital migration project for its Planet Media Cinemas. They are the first movie theatre in Kenya to adopt the new digital standard ahead of an expected global transition set for mid next year. The digital format will enable patrons to enjoy a smoother and more life like picture as the eye sees twice the number of images per second. New digital film projectors means that patrons will also enjoy better sound clarity.

Planet Media Director, Mr. Raman Subramaniam, said the firm, will leverage its existing network and infrastructure to provide world-class film distribution services. Planet Media Cinemas is talking to various global distributors, and they are hoping to be the local partner for firms like Sony Pictures Entertainment. The distribution is a strategic move and the idea is to service a growing demand for digital film distribution services in the market.

The film distribution service will cut across all film genres produced in Hollywood, Bollywood and other film production destinations. The distribution will start in Kenya but there are advanced plans to provide a regional film distribution solution in Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda in the coming months.

The first film that will be distributed is a Bollywood film, called CHALK N Duster.

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