Relationships: Dealing with heartbreak from a man’s perspective

Broken hearts are like broken eggs. Image from

The society sees the typical man as stoic and hard to be affected by love. Thing is relationships affect men as much as they affect women, only that men won’t show it. This is to mean that when the flower of love that blossomed beautifully between a man and his significant other fades, the man is equally affected. Some will break down but others will sob inside. Some men will heal quickly after getting hurt while others will take longer. There is loads of info on the best ways to move on as a man. Having been affected by heartbreak at some point, I followed some pointers that helped me get over everything.

Broken hearts are like broken eggs. Image from //
Broken hearts are like broken eggs. Image from

There’s no turning back

The first step to healing and moving on is accepting that what you had is over and she is never going to come back. This will hurt soon after the break up but instead of looking for ways of going back to where you were, find ways of making yourself better for your future love. Although you might have invested your feelings in that relationship, don’t wallow in self-pity or cry hoping she will be back.

Be positive

How do you see the proverbial glass? Half empty or half full? Without positivity and optimism, you will harbor negative thoughts in your mind and negative feelings in your heart that will keep you from moving on. Surround yourself with people who understand you and give you support. Don’t be part of the large group of people that say they will never love again, instead, cultivate positivity towards love and you will attract it once again.

Engage yourself

This might be the time to get that that summer body or to get loads of books and read. This is your time to learn a new sport, a board game or work on your artistry. When you break up, you will have free time that you used to spend with your significant other. This is the time you should use to get over her by engaging in activities that distract you from her.

Learn and let go

When the love ends, the best thing to do is to learn from it. Take time to appreciate the good days you enjoyed together. It is also here that you should do some soul-searching and some meditation to understand what led to the end of your relationship. If you caused it, learn what should be done better in future. Consult a professional that will give you advice.

Don’t look for a rebound relationship

This is one of the most common mistakes after a break up. A vacuum is created by her departure that you yearn to fill. Instead of looking for someone to get into a relationship with, take time to understand what you need from a relationship. Give yourself time to understand where you went wrong and ways of avoiding such in future.

Don’t make comparisons

What happens when you break up with the person you believed was the most amazing person? You’re likely to look for someone else in future that has exactly the same characteristics as your ex. Your future relationships should not be compared to what you had in the past. Refrain from having expectations based on what you had with your past love.

A break up isn’t an easy affair. It affects you as a man. Be at peace with yourself. Think of the reasons that caused the relationship to end and be ready for the future as there will be an opportunity to love again.

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