Soko Huru is a platform that helps entrepreneurs drive sales


The online marketplace continues to grow thanks to the power of the internet. Millions of transactions are conducted on different platforms which wouldn’t be in existence if not for the internet. Kenya is gradually experiencing an e-commerce revolution judging by the number of platforms established online to make it possible for people to carry out their businesses. Think OLX. Think Jumia. Think Soko Huru. Here, emphasis will be on Soko Huru.

Soko Huru is a platform that helps entrepreneurs drive sales and grow. Sellers find a market for their products and services. Buyers find what they are looking for. Win-Win situation for both parties. With over 0ne million followers on Facebook and over forty thousand followers on twitter, Soko Huru promises sellers of an almost guaranteed market for their products and services. This platform targets small, medium and large businesses as well as young entrepreneurs in Kenya. For the established entrepreneurs or those starting out, Soko Huru is the way to go considering the following factors.

soko huru

Easy to operate

There are four easy to follow steps that uses will be required to follow to make it possible conduct a transaction.
a. User creates a business account
b. A shop is created for the user
c. User uploads listing
d. Listing is automatically shared on Soko Huru Facebook and Twitter pages.

Packages for the users

Soko Huru has catered for its users by making it easy and free to post the site. However, there are users who want to be more visible to drive their sales. Here, Soko Huru has different packages for these types of users. These users will benefit from services such as more exposure on Soko Huru social media platforms, being featured in the home page, coverage on the newsletter, high search rank on the site as well as the comparative shopping feature.

Market Model

Users have the liberty to sell whatever they want, either new or secondhand, at the prices they set. This open market model has given the users freedom to conduct transactions as long as they comply to the terms and conditions of Soko Huru.

Alternative to the existing platforms

Although there are many platforms in Kenya where sellers and buyers meet, these platforms are not enough to cater for the growing demand of products and services. Access to the internet has made it possible for Soko Huru to exist and offer an alternative market as it stocks what people want. Soko Huru has plans for a merger that will see the establishment of a company that will help sellers handle any demand and buyers will receive goods at their doorsteps.

Variety of products and services

Soko Huru offers different products and services. These products and services include Phones and accessories, home appliances, groceries, fashionable clothes and shoes among others.

Soko Huru exists to build a community where sellers can talk directly to buyers and strike a deal.

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